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  1. Trade for Chris Carson?

    That's definitely a reasonable trade. I think I would go for it. DT hasn't been very good at all, and I dont think hes going to get any better before the end of the year. If something were to happen to Melvin Gordon though, Eckler would be an absolute beast!
  2. I feel like this is a no brainer, but would anyone start Jameis Winston over Drew Breese?? Only reason I ask is because Breese is @ Baltimore. And Winston is at home vs the Browns.
  3. .5 ppr I would have: Cam Newton Funchess or Gordon Crabtree Hyde Lyndsay Rudolph Cohen
  4. Cohen?

    Is it finally time to start Cohen over Jordan Howard?
  5. SIX offers for Mike Evans

    Definitely take Julio!
  6. Tyler Lockett??

    I have a very sub par WR group in a non ppr league. Wondering if I should try to grab up Lockett off waivers. That would mean dropping Amari Cooper or Demaryius Thomas though. Should I pull the trigger? I hate giving up on guys like Thomas and Cooper this early, but I need to get some points out of my WRs!
  7. Dalvin Cook trade ...

    Is that Dion Lewis? If so, I would maybe try straight up for him. Or Robinson and Henry for Cook. I'm not so sure that I would want to make a trade for him though. Hes really been struggling, and your backs dont seem that bad.
  8. Looking ahead. Need advice

    There is also Mariota, Eli, Beathard, Prescott, Tannehill, Rosen, Baker, Keenum, Darnold, and Allen. Pretty slim pickins!
  9. Next week I have drew brees on a bye. Not many good QBs to pick from left on the wire. Non ppr league. Seems like my best options are Carr at home vs Seattle or Flacco at Tennessee. Who would be the safest bet? Thanks in advance.
  10. Cam is on a bye week, and I had drafted Jimmy G to use for this early bye week, but we see how well that worked out... Free agent QB options are... GOFF Dalton Flacco Keenum Eli Cousins Who would be the safest play? I was thinking Goff, or maybe Flacco because he gets the Steelers weak secondary. Of course Ravens Steelers games usually end up being tough defensive games. Who should I pick up?
  11. Looks like I might be too late. He took the trade down, and now has a trade processing with another guy where hes sending out Demaryius Thomas, Marshawn Lynch, and Randall Cobb and receiving Gronk, and Will Fuller. I might try to send it again, but I'm assuming if hes letting Thomas, and Cobb go hes not gonna want to get rid of T.Y. also. It would have been nice to get the help at WR, but I'm thinking if Cook comes back healthy, my RB depth should cancel out a fairly weak WR2.. Thanks for the advice!
  12. So this dude really wants Dalvin Cook. He offered T.Y. for him before, but it just didnt work out for me, but I just got another RB out of a trade so it may be worth it this time. .5 ppr league. My RB roster is Dalvin Cook, Jordan Howard, Carlos Hyde, Phillip Lindsay, Austin Ekeler, and Derek Henry. My WR roster is Antonio Brown, Crabtree, Funchess, Josh Gordon, and Brandon Marshall who I'm trying to drop on the waiver wire. Would Cook for T.Y. help my lineup now that I have a little more help at the RB spot? Or should I pass again??
  13. I'm pretty low at the WR spot. Non ppr league. I have Amari Cooper, John Brown, Demaryius Thomas, and Chris Godwin. Who is the safest bet for my WR2 spot? And would you pick any of the other guys for the FLEX over Alex Collins?
  14. Trade Kelce?

    Just got offered Jordan Howard and Kyle Rudolph for Kelce. Should I bite? My running backs are kind of weak. I have Dalvin Cook, Carlos Hyde, Phillip Lindsay, Austin Ekeler, Derrick Henry.
  15. Brees for Bell?

    Take it and laugh all the way to the bank once Bell comes back!