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  1. Dj and Watkins for Drake

    Thought so .. i accepted..thanks
  2. Who wins trade .. David Johnson n Sammy Watkins or Kenyan Drake.. id b gettin Drake if making the deal. 10 team ppr My team is Zeke Sanders Johnson Jones . Golladay Kupp P Campbell Cooks C Davis Watkins.
  3. Michael Thomas

    Id b gettin Thomas..
  4. Michael Thomas

    Cooper Kupp and David Johnson for MT..good move right..
  5. Someone convince me to bench OBJ

    I believe the weather is supposed to b bad
  6. Drop Stills for Kirk?

    Stills over gordon in flex
  7. Big Trade Advice

    Tate brown n juju is the way to go if u decide to take on both guys ..theilen might play so his injury isnt serious
  8. Trade vetoed by league commish

    Commish is mad cuz he aint get in on it first!!!
  9. D. Adams

    I have him as well and i believe we will know b4 sunday whether he playing or not
  10. Drop Emmanuel Sanders or Desean Jackson

    Why not try n trade one ..
  11. End of Mark Ingram?

    Ive been traded him in my leagues..they dnt use him right