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  1. Connor out...not many options

    Most likely ..thats another reason i wanna go sproles jus in case connor guts it out
  2. Connor out...not many options

    I knw yall saying dixon but what if sproles is used like the bears did cohen against them
  3. Connor out...not many options

    And i think foles will check down alot instead of testing corners but yeah i think dixon gets more work too...
  4. Connor out...not many options

    Yeah i only was thinking sproles cuz alot of throwing gonna happen n clement out
  5. Basically its Sproles or Dixon ...ppr
  6. Hahaha oh ..didnt even look at the date!!! That was an early deadline...
  7. I would make that deal...CMC has pretty good matchup in playoffs and kelce big upgrade at TE ..
  8. Trade offer, Is it time to trade Odell?

    He gonna have a good game this week
  9. Trade help!

  10. OBJ Blues

    He has a good matchup this week ..try next week
  11. Julio Jones for L. Bell?

    What if u try sanders or fuller n allen or jones 2 for 1 deal
  12. Do I have my lineup right?

    Edelman instead of sanders