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  1. Tate, Lazard, or Westbrook

    I would play westbrook if he plays .
  2. Keenan Allen

    I was gonna try n get him n barkley for thomas gordon westbrook n goff...dude was tryin to get goff n Thomas from me so figured id try and he has already made one silly trade wit me so why not!!!
  3. Keenan Allen

    Yeah n its not even himself im worried bout..the oline n pressure on rivers
  4. Keenan Allen

    Yeah i knw he good i guess will his team get it going....that shlda been the ?
  5. Stash

    I say drop ito smith
  6. Keenan Allen

    Do yall think he gets going again
  7. Fournette trade

    I have a feeling he might ask for jacobs instead of gordon ..would it still b same
  8. Fournette trade

    Ok thanks
  9. Fournette trade

    Its melvin ..
  10. Fournette trade

    I was tryin to get fournette from guy ..he is willing to do fournette and evans and in return he wants kupp gordon n tate ...thoughts ... my other backs r bell and jacobs ..receivers r dhop n thomas ..
  11. try to move hill or kelce?

    Edleman is a good move
  12. Yeah i traded jackson away for ty ... i would try n jus trade chark..if he really need a wr ..try n convince him he jus got qb points sitting on his bench when it could b a good wr
  13. Trade advice

    So u gettin ingram and giving Diggs...thats good trade for u ... Diggs isnt gonna keep having big weeks
  14. What other qb does guy have besides jackson
  15. Should I hold Goff?

    Wny not drop sanders or samuels for fuller