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  1. Help with Flex!

    Feel pretty good about my Starting RBs this week (Bell and Carson) as well as my WRs (Mike Thomas and Edelman), but I keep going back and forth for my double flex between 4 players: Gallup at wash, Singletary at nyg, Peterson at Dallas, Golladay at chargers. Im leaning toward Golladay and Singletary, but Singletary could be boom or bust, and I know Gallup has big play ability. I am considering Peterson also as opposed to Singletary or Gallup because of his guaranteed touches (10+ w/o Guice). Thoughts? Thanks!
  2. Trade advice?

    Thanks guys!
  3. Trade advice?

    Currently being offered two trades where I trade away Ertz, but I do have Mark Andrews. Team in question is in signature. Heres the first: Ertz and Carson for Chubb and Ingram. Second: Ertz and Gallup for Chubb. Do I make one of these trades and then roll w Andrews ROS? I could always pick up Herndon and stash him starting next week. I’m considering these trades because I’m concerned about Leveon and the Jets in general. But is it worth losing a TE1? Thanks! heres my team: .4 PPR 10 man League w Double Flex QB: Drew Brees, Cam Newton RB: LeVeon Bell, Chris Carson, Devin Singletary, Adrian Peterson, Justin Jackson, WR: Michael Thomas, Julian Edelman, Kenny Golladay, Michael Gallup, Larry Fitz TE: Ertz, Mark Andrews D/ST: Jags, Browns K: Gay
  4. WDIS at quarterback?

    I have to choose between either Cam tonight against TB or Drew Brees against the Rams. Thoughts?
  5. Advice on a huge trade?

    Ok thanks guys!
  6. Advice on a huge trade?

    Just got offered another trade while contemplating this one... is Mixon and Diggs for Chubb and Allen Rob a smarter move?
  7. Currently being offered a huge trade in my .4 ppr 10 man money league with double flex. I drafted Tyreek but he went down so currently looking for WR depth and just trades in general. What do y'all think of this trade I'm being offered? Team is in signature but I will paste below since you can't see signature on mobile. I receive: Michael Thomas, Chris Carson, Julian Edelman, Michael Gallup I give up: Tyreek Hill (in my IR slot right now), Brandin Cooks, Allen Robinson, Nick Chubb Heres my team currently: .4 PPR 10 man League w Double Flex QB: Drew Brees, Cam Newtown RB: LeVeon Bell, Nick Chubb, Devin Singletary, Adrian Peterson, Justin Jackson, Royce Freeman WR: Tyreek (in IR slot), Kenny Golladay, Brandin Cooks, Allen Robinson, Larry Fitz, Terry McLaurin TE: Ertz, Mark Andrews D/ST: Jags K: Gay Thanks!
  8. Which trade do I take half ppr?

    My team is in my signature, or at least it should be, I’m not sure if you can see it on mobile. here are screenshots
  9. Currently scrambling with trades since Tyreek is out and being offered two, not sure which to take 1: Receive Joe Mixon, Stefon Diggs Give Allen Robinson, Brandin Cooks, Justin Jackson 2: Receive Chris Godwin Give Brandin Cooks thanks!
  10. Trade advice?

    Thanks guys!
  11. Trade advice?

    Trade advice in 10 team ppr? give cam newton, aj green, Kenny golladay, devin singletary receive deshaun Watson, Chris carson, Julian Edelman
  12. Trade advice?

  13. Trade advice?

    Need some early season trade advice for .75 ppr 10 team league, my team in signature. being offered James Connor, AB, Robert Woods and Hunter Henry for Tyreek, Kenny Golladay and Ertz. Mainly just trying to add RB depth so Connor intrigues me and I’m not super high on Ertz so wouldn’t be super sad to lose him but def wary about AB this year, I don’t trust Derek Carr