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  1. Curtis Martin

  2. Today...It's on!

    Exactly my process Untateve. I'm guessing you also remove the membrane before you rub.
  3. Remind me to never ...

    Poor Blitz will never get to 30,000 if this holds up.
  4. Remind me to never ...

    Sorry Vet but the boards are free. What are they going to refund you?
  5. Best Food Network show

    I wish they had the rights to rebroadcast the old Justin Wilson shows. I loved that guy. "Now let me tell ya what I done did!"
  6. Server issues

    I did have a lockup today as well but otherwise it has been better.
  7. Best Food Network show

    She has a smile like Jack Nicolson's Joker in Batman!
  8. Best Food Network show

    I'm with you Miner. Flay is a fektard. For a supposed expert on grilling and bbq, the momo consistently gives out bad bbq info.
  9. Server issues

    FWIW. Last night I had pretty good access from home. No glitches. So far today from work -
  10. Best Food Network show

    Good Eats Unwapped is a fav as well.
  11. MFFL Online Draft Sucked

    For live drafts, it is also nice to use FLM (Fantasy League Manager) during and then just upload the draft to MFL. No online issues with this.
  12. MFFL Online Draft Sucked

    Sorry your draft at MFL was messed up. I can't agree with you though. There is nothing seriously wrong with MFL. If anything, you experienced performance issues. It happens, especially this time of season. I suggest you take your feedback over to MFL's support board. That's where it should be. Hope you have a next time at MFL because it really is a good site.
  13. Server issues

    Wow! Just finished my local draft and I'm checking in. I GOT IN! I hope it lasts.
  14. Server issues

    I tried for over an hour last night to access any board. I finally gave up and went to FBG's. Seriously though, this is getting irritating.
  15. Anyone still drafting?

    My local in it's 9th year is having ours Tuesday night.