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  1. I'm down and need a big game from one of these guys. Pick one to flex.
  2. TE Scramble: Njoku or Ian Thomas?

    It's close and I don't love either guy but I would play Njoku.
  3. Which def to start?

    Tough choice between Bears and Rams. I would definitely remove Vikings out of the equation.

    I'd take out Diggs and start both Chubb and Lindsay.
  5. Start WAS, NYG, or CHI

    Normally this would easily be Chicago, but they're facing Aaron Rodgers.
  6. OBJ 99 problems and he is one...

    I really like Samuels.
  7. What do you guys think? I can flex Michel or Josh Adams over Samuel but I really like his matchup. The Bears are my best option on D, but I can try to claim Jax on waivers. Not likely I get them though.
  8. Rbs in the semis

    You start three RBs right? I'd go Kamara, Cook, and Jackson if both Gordon and Eckler don't play.
  9. Start 3 RB's, Sit 1. Go!

    Kamara, Chubb, and Jackson if both Gordon and Eckler are out. If even one of them plays go with Fournette over Jackson.
  10. WDIS: Boyd or DJ Moore

    Does that mean Curtis Samuel is a great play?
  11. Ikr dude. I never understood the folks who thought Gurley was a god. If you get a top 3 RB and the number one overall TE in CMC and Kelce you take that. This isn't a knock on you MrMom. This is a knock on everyone who gave you terrible advice and said "no way don't do that trade, way too little for Gurley".
  12. Jesus everyone overrated Gurley so badly. He's definitely not worth an arm and leg everyone thought he was.
  13. He's a RB/TE on Yahoo. What is the prognosis on Connor's return? If he missed a lot of time Samuels will be an elite TE1 ROS right?