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  1. PPR: Josh Gordon or Marquise Brown?

    I don't like either guy but if I had to choose Brown.
  2. I want to pick up one of these guys now to replace Kelce next week.
  3. Nice articles there. Very helpful reads. Guess that settles it, Brown over Landry.
  4. It's M. Brown on the Ravens. I should have clarified. Also do you think Henderson will really take Gurley's role and Gurley will lose fantasy value?
  5. 10 team 2QB league with only 4 bench spots. Everyone’s bench already has an extra QB. roster spots are competitive
  6. I’m struggling to make the playoffs so which players could help me within the next 4 weeks? I can only pick up 2. PPR league.
  7. Drop Josh Gordon for Singletary?

    Someone with a higher waiver got to Singletary before me. It was a good try thanks guys.
  8. PPR league. Gordon is the worst guy on my bench. This would usually be a no brainer but I'm a little thin at WR with Cooper, Golden Tate, Pascal, AJ Green, and Gordon. RBs are Barkley, Gurley, Mack, and Breida.
  9. Pick up McLaurin?

    Thanks guys. Also, I need to start 2 of these WRs because of byes. Who should I start.
  10. Pick up McLaurin?

    The worst guys on my bench are Golden Tate, Sterling Shepard, Kenny Stills, Hollywood Brown, and AJ Green. Any of these guys worth dropping for him?
  11. Very tough decision. Jackson has a terrible matchup while Carr has a great one.