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  1. I really like this idea. Don't start a QB just to troll and you'll still win.
  2. Wow you have both RBs ahead of both QBs. Interesting. Anyone else want to chime in?
  3. Goff or Mayfield?

  4. Tennessee or Chicago. Who you got?

    Very good points you guys. Any more opinions?
  5. Week 16 Brandin Cooks or Jamaal Williams

    Yeah I can see Patrick Peterson giving a LAR receiver a tough time. It's close though.
  6. It's a 1ppr league with a super-flex. Goff has been terrible so it might be time to remove him. Goff at ARI Darnold vs GB Carson vs KC DJ vs LAR Please rank these four.
  7. Start Ware and D. Williams?

    Start Ware if he plays. And only Ware.
  8. Pick to Block?

  9. It's the finals and I'm facing the best team.