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  1. Flex Help: D. Harris, T. Boyd?

    Thanks sir!! I've already got Boyd in, but thinking its a gamble with Harris's second start touches
  2. Hey guys, like title says, RB D. Harris or T. Boyd PPR league. Yes I know I kinda answer my own question with WR vs RB in PPR, but thinking Harris may get a lot of touches in this game. Thoughts, advice appreciated!
  3. I'm leaning towards H.Henry as my flex, don't know whether to trust L. Bell coming off his layoff even if ARI gives up alot to RB's. I'm thinking they will slowly work Bell back in. Thanks for all thoughts and advice
  4. Don't like Minshew all you want but that has nothing to do with getting your points. I'd roll with Minshew. I'm a REDSKINS fan but have Dak starting on a team and I'd rather eat my own puke before rooting for Dallas.......if that gives you perspective on your dilemma.
  5. Goff or Minshew

    Hey guys, Goff or Minshew? Currently I have Goff in. Also San Fran D or Balt D? lol good D problem to have, currently I have San Fran at home vs Philly. Balt is at WFT. Thanks for all advice and opinions.
  6. Diggs for A. Rogers?? PPR

    So you would keep Minshew over Goff, Brady? Thanks Montana IDM
  7. Diggs for A. Rogers?? PPR

    Right on, Thanks, I'm still thinking of grabbing Goff or Brady, Minshew might not be consistent enough to get me wins in this 10 team league
  8. Diggs for A. Rogers?? PPR

    I know, I know, stupid over thinking.......but really what do yall think
  9. Gurley, Juju for Jacobs

    I'd do it but you will be hurting your WR core, PPR?
  10. Hey guys, I need a QB. Guy in my 10 team league offered me A. Rogers for S. Diggs. QB's on waivers that are worth anything are : T. Brady, J. Goff, M. Stafford, and K. Cousins. Do I grab Rogers for Diggs or do I just grab a QB off waivers and roll with that? I like my nucleus of WR's now, and there isn't much on waiver wire for WR's in this league. Opinions and advice appreciated!! 1 QB start league My Current Starting Team and Bench in a 1pt PPR 10 Team Keeper League (Just one keeper this year from last year) QB: Minshew RB: Chubb RB: M. Gordon III WR: D. Hopkins WR: S. Diggs WR: T. Boyd FLEX: RB M. Davis TE: M. Andrews K: Lutz BENCH: WR C. Godwin (K) BENCH: WR D. Slayton BENCH: RB A. Gibson BENCH: RB C. Hyde BENCH: TE H. Henry IR: RB L. Bell San Fran D Balt D
  11. Which 2 QBs?

    Rivers and Trubisky
  12. Currently I'm going with Snell. Thanks guys
  13. Thanks! Been my thoughts but you
  14. Thanks! Further brain hemmorage.....would you start Dak if your opponent has Zeke?
  15. Another flex question

    Sanders and McLaurin