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    White should have a much bigger game next week, they’ll need everyone to win against Pitt I think. If they feed Jones idk if I’d worry about it, I have him and think he could make plays.
  2. Kittle 0 points in 2nd half. Wth

    Gotta sting Kittle quite a bit, they gave him 1 target, while being 5 yards away from the record.
  3. So I made the bright decision on picking up Dak and he’s obviously been on fire as of late. But only because of Cooper, my opponent has Amari, so I’m wondering if I could play Dak to offset anything Cooper does. On the other hand I was playing Brady against Pitt because I know it’s going to be high scoring and he’s going to have to sling it. What do y’all think?
  4. I have Dak and Wentz, I’d like to think Brady would usable next week against what should be a shootout in Pittsburgh (Week 15 is first round of playoffs) I’m stacked at RB as is, but could also take away Gio Bernard as a handcuff from my opponent.
  5. I did man, worked out very well and actually ended up blowing my opponondnt out 💯💯💯
  6. Nick Chubb or Phillip Lindsey??

    Lindsay, consistent and Cincy given up at least 198 yards rushing past three weeks
  7. Need help, the guy I’m playing has Mahomes, Conner, Mike Evans and Adam Thielen so I need a home run this week. who would y’all play?
  8. QB help... Wentz or Jackson

    I have Wentz, Jackson, Brady, and Prescott. I’m going Dak but would’ve gone Jackson if I didn’t have him. It’s too close to playoffs for Wentz to suck it up again
  9. I’m 7-5 in 3rd facing Mahomes this week (Need a boom day) Wentz, Prescott, Brady, or Jackson? Josh Gordon vs Min or Tre’QSmith vs Dallas. Thanks
  10. I’m down quite a bit at the moment, have Cook today and could see him with a higher ceiling than Lindsay but I’m not sure if that’s a good risk.