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  1. Cohen?

    Pats got destroyed by Hunt, I’m expecting the same just a bit less this week
  2. Cohen?

  3. Trade offer for Thielen

    I’d say he won’t take it but if he does go for it
  4. How can I improve my team?

    If anything, another consistent WR. I wouldn’t change anything else though, try to get Golladay at Flex and another WR like Thielen
  5. Bye Rounds

    I would wait, Graham has been one of the betters TE’s all year
  6. Would this be a good trade? Reports saying Bell won’t show up this week and I’ve managed to get to 4-2 without him. My RB:James White, K Johnson, A Jones, Phillip Lindsay. WR: AB, W Fuller, J Brown, C Ridley, Sanu. Thanks
  7. Need trade help!

    Brown is about to go on a tear, Depends on your roster though.
  8. Is Carson Seahwks RB worth it?

    You’re right, I never get any😂Carson’s been lit lately but Edelman is definitely a WR1 on the pats with high volume. And you’ve got some great RBs so I would keep edelman
  9. Here to Help Fire Away

    Would you start Will Fuller at buffalo, Sanu at Tampa Bay, or Phillip Lindsay vs rams at Flex? Thanks
  10. Possible Fat L

    True. Thank you for the help 😂
  11. Possible Fat L

    Would y’all start Phillip Lindsay vs Rams, Will Fuller vs Buf, or Mohamed Sanu vs Cincy at FLEX? Thanks
  12. This is it.

    Rivers Coutee Gates
  13. Olsen's Value

    I think most people will have to wait and see how he plays after his first game, I’m expecting maybe a WR 2 or RB2 if he does good