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  1. Drop Yeldon for...

    play yeldon this week, then see ur options next week, or trade yeldon to someone in need of a rb this week
  2. Coleman for Newton

    if ur already set at rb then do it (only if u have 3-4 guys ahead of Coleman )
  3. David Njoku or Eric Ebron

  4. Hyde and McCoy for DJ?

    u have two solid rb so if u want to take the risk go for it
  5. Mack or Peterson?

  6. Kicker question????

    love zurlein but wait a week
  7. Barkley/Godwin for Michel/Diggs

    diggs and Michel give u depth but if you want that top 5 guy accept it. maybe try and get a little better of a wr instead of Godwin
  8. TE help

    hooper, had a great last two weeks
  9. Who to drop for Aaron Jones?

    cook or kearse
  10. Tate vs. Manny

    tate, been a beast this year, has a better qb and never a fan of having a Thursday night player
  11. Need to Drop 1

    cook, ebron is hot right now
  12. need advice on who to start at 2 rb and flex no ppr. David Johnson, Alex collins, Tevin Coleman, Matt breida
  13. Baldwin - Do you trust him?

    I had him last year, pretty much always disappointed every week. seems pretty much the same this year
  14. The Raiders are shopping Amari Cooper

    Gruden is an idiot