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  1. MVS or DJAx

    well that didn't age well
  2. Brandon Marshall or Josh Reynolds

  3. WDIS

    think Davis will continue after his good week last week
  4. MVS or DJAx

    MVS or DJAX .5 ppr?
  5. Wilson or Rivers?

    hate playing qbs on Thursdays, go rivers
  6. RB help

  7. Pick 1 WR and 1 Flex, standard league

    Golladay, mack
  8. MVS, Sutton or Miller ROS

    1. mvs 2. sutton 3. miller
  9. Mack/Evan Engram for Kelce??

    if ur willing to lose rb depth (can pick one up off waivers) then yea go for it. Engram having dissapointnig seasons and Kelce and chiefs look great
  10. Which of these 3 would u drop

  11. Pick 2 WRs for this week

    ^ agree but Davis hasn't shown much so think u take risk and go Cooper and Tate
  12. Pick 1 x2 - RB/WR

  13. Flex? 10 team PPR league

    personally think jones should see a lot of targets this week but going again chi, mvs safe play