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  1. Ingram or Wilson

    Who should I start?
  2. I am thinking of benching Golladay for Humphries so my WR would be Allen and Humphries. Also, my RB at the moment are Ekeler and Lindsay. Just picked up Jeff Wilson, is he a good flex this week? I also have Ingram. Ingram or Wilson in the flex? Thanks.
  3. Buy low: AJ Green?

  4. Cam or Ryan ROS?

    I have Matt Ryan. would you also do a trade straight up?
  5. Who to flex?

  6. Who to flex?

    I’m looking to flex one of these WRs. Sutton, Miller or Snead. Im starting Allen and Golladay. I was thinking of using Howard but just been frustrated with him.
  7. Thinking about dropping Ekeler for perhaps Gio Bernard or Maurice Harris. If for Harris should I flex him or Ross? RBs. Ingram, Howard, Ekeler, Lindsay, Murray WRs: AJ, Kupp, Allen, Golladay, Sutton, Ross. Thinking of adding Bernard, might use him more with AJ hurt. Thoughts?
  8. TE Doyle or Engram

    Doyle. I just traded OJ for Kupp.
  9. AJ Green

    Yes. I picked up Ross myself. Thinking of starting him in the flex over Golladay. Saints D is not too good.
  10. AJ Green

    What's your record. If you think you will make the playoffs just leave him on the bench. If you need help then you should consider trading him. I'm 6-3 and not selling him but keeping the possibility open because I do need help at the RB position. Maybe Tevin Coleman, Dalvin Cook.
  11. flex

    Thanks. This helps a lot. I offered the DJ owner (who's 2 -7) Howard and Golladay. I am leaning towards starting Ross as long as he practices.
  12. flex

    RBs: Ingram, Howard, Ekeler, Lindsay, Murray, Ito Smith WR: AJ, Allen, Kupp, Golladay, Sutton, John Ross Should I consider flexing Ross or Ito this week? Or consider starting them both over Ingram and Golladay.
  13. Trade advice

    Since now there is uncertainty about AJ Greens toe I was proposed a trade for Cooper Cupp OJ Howard for Cooper Cupp. I have Doyle on the bench. Should I make this trade?
  14. Mixon trade value?

    Not quite sure but I was offered Mixon, DeSean Jackson and Luck for AJ Green.