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  1. Coleman/Mack trade

    I’m 3-6 and just wanted to change it up some. Probably have to win out to have a chance. I trade Coleman and Josh Gordon and receive Mack and AJ Brown. Any thoughts?
  2. Edmonds or DJ

    QB: Murray, Cousins RB: Kamara, Carson, Coleman, Edmonds, Murray, Ty Johnson WR: Evans, Godwin, Boyd, Shepard, TE: Everett, Walker Currenly 3-4 but I believe I have some good pieces to trade. Only thing that is annoying is having the Tampa WRs. My question is it better to try and trade Edmonds to DJ owner who has Waller and try to upgrade my TE or try to trade for DJ and have both AZ RBs Thanks.
  3. Trade Coleman and Cooks receive Montgomery and Lockett? RBs: Connor, Jones, Coleman, Jamaal Williams WRs: Adams, Cooks, Samuel, Stills, MVS, Gordon trade or stay put?
  4. Mack/Jones trade

    Trade Aaron Jones receive Mack and Sutton? Am I asking too much?
  5. Trade Aaron Jones receive Julio. Trade Davonte Adams receive Ekeler and Godwin. RBs: Conner, Jones, J. Williams WRs: Adams, Cooks, Gordon, Samuel Both offers presented to me. Trade is 2 different teams. Need a shake up? Thoughts? prob going 1-6. Put Gordon in.
  6. Adams for Godwin?

    Trade Adams receive Godwin and Ekeler. Thoughts?
  7. Trade QBs

    Trade Jameis for Murray? Also have Evans and Godwin so wouldn’t have to put all 3 in the lineup and stress.
  8. Sell High?

    Absolutely DJ
  9. Barkley/Adams

    Was offered Saquon and Ridley for Adams and Aaron Jones. WRs: Adams, Cooks, Gordon and Samuel Not sure it would leave me thin at WR
  10. Barkley trade

    Yes. They offered Barkley for my Adams and Jones i want to counter. Adams and Jones for Barkley and Allen/Lockett.
  11. Mike Evans

    I have both and it’s driving me nuts. I have no choice but to start both.
  12. Barkley trade

    Was offered Barkley for Davonte Adams and Aaron Jones. He’s so thinks it’s fair. I want to counter for his Lockett or Keenan Allen and Barkley for Adams and Jones. Thoughts?
  13. Godwin or Shepard?

    PPR. Need to start one in the flex.