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  1. Drop Will Fuller?

    Weird, I’m on phone and it doesn’t show his signature. I’m new to the site though, so I could be (likely am) doing something wrong?
  2. Drop Will Fuller?

    Who are your other drop options? Provide more context and we will be able to give you an actionable answer. (Not trying to start a flame just giving you some feedback as to maybe why you got limited response)
  3. Trying to trade for Michel or Mixon

    I think I agree and think that’s too much. I like Sony and he’s round out your stable of RBs very nicely, but Brees, kupp, Hyde feels like too much to me.
  4. Trying to trade for Michel or Mixon

    I don’t think a non kamara/mcc rb and a non Thielen/Hill gets it done. So a Hyde/fuller for instance isn’t enough. I also don’t think adding Winston for instance would tip the scales enough for him. I think you would need to part ways with Thielen or Hill as he needs wr help. However given your roster construction I don’t think I’d do that deal if I were you. id throw a Winston, Hyde, fuller at him and if he doesn’t take that (likely scenario) hold tight.
  5. Jalen Richard

    Doug Martin the play here? Seems like he’s built more for the power role potentially vacated by Lynch.
  6. Have anyone of you ever seen a team this hot?

    A not so humble brag - stars aligned for me the last 1.5 years - won 19 in a row (redraft league). Our league of 15 years had never seen an undefeated run like that. Wish I could say it was my great decision making, but it truly was the fantasy gods smiling down on me and all stars aligning. I naturally lost by .3 last week to end the streak so the Fantasy gods are sure to haunt me for the forseeable future.
  7. Keenan Allen - buy low?

    His production has been brutal (on par with my crappy shares of Demaryius and Marvin Jones for instance) and Gordon/Ekeler have taken away much of the TD potential (and M Williams early on). However, the targets are still there, the schedule looks pretty favorable and he plays in a decent offense with a solid qb. Is it time to try and buy low on Keenan or do his injury history and lack of redzone success (this year) keep you away?
  8. Dj - Saquon trade advice

    First time poster so any help much appreciated. Standard scoring league. Required to start qb, 2rb, 3wr, flex, te. I was offered Saquon and fitz for dj and Marvin jones. My concern is I’ll be too thin in a 3wr required league if I give up mjj as my other WRs are Adams, dt, callaway, Davis and Cole. Thoughts?