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  1. Thanks all,,,,

    DEF was Atlanta (with cam out, i took it) 22 points D - JJ Watt 3 points K - Rosas 10 points
  2. Thanks all,,,,

    I finished at the top of my 14 team league! Beat out the two top teams to do it. Eye of the tiger!! Thanks to all who gave advice. Some i took, some i did not, but all made a difference. You all rock
  3. For the Big W flex help

    The championship final! Once again I'm the underdog. Flex rather critical, currently im running with Foster. My choices: K Ballage v Jax R Anderson v GB A Humphreys @ Dallas G Edwards @ LAC Im running S Michel for RB2 over Ballage and Edwards
  4. Could use your thoughts on my line up

    Well, i won. It was a mud match...
  5. Which Defense to start?

    My bet would be broncos but i think you have a wash... flip a coin. Good luck
  6. JJ Watt or wagner

    Im running with Wagner on this one, but anyone have good reason to change my mind last minute??
  7. Could use your thoughts on my line up

    Thanks Montana, appreciate the feedback
  8. Could use your thoughts on my line up

    But is my list as good as it could be
  9. Could use your thoughts on my line up

    Thats the obvious lol.. if only i could bench a couple of his starters 😏
  10. Who do you SIT?

    Well, i sat Sony over Edwards. I think the bus will have a better day
  11. Could use your thoughts on my line up

    I put warren in over my every week play JJ Watt due to matchup and hot hand
  12. Pretty sure im going with this lineup. Finished Number 2 in 14 team league. Slim pickings in waivers. Up against who was our number 1 seed till an upset loss this week put him at number 3. Im American Bullriders. Not pictured is K Rosas (giants) D Wagner (hawks) v SF DEF Seattle v SF
  13. My flex

    Appreciate the help in confirming my thought process.. we shall see
  14. My flex

    Agree, so far that is my lineup