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  1. Pretty sure im going with this lineup. Finished Number 2 in 14 team league. Slim pickings in waivers. Up against who was our number 1 seed till an upset loss this week put him at number 3. Im American Bullriders. Not pictured is K Rosas (giants) D Wagner (hawks) v SF DEF Seattle v SF
  2. Could use your thoughts on my line up

    Thanks Montana, appreciate the feedback
  3. Could use your thoughts on my line up

    But is my list as good as it could be
  4. Could use your thoughts on my line up

    Thats the obvious lol.. if only i could bench a couple of his starters 😏
  5. Who do you SIT?

    Well, i sat Sony over Edwards. I think the bus will have a better day
  6. Could use your thoughts on my line up

    I put warren in over my every week play JJ Watt due to matchup and hot hand
  7. My flex

    I have Boyd and Lockett on roster. Humphrey's on bench. I want to plug Humphrey's in, but cant decide who to bench. Lockett gets a lot with a little, but us up against a viking D that may keep his little to less Boyd is going to have issues being double covered without green, and a soft arm QB being rushed by one of the best pass rushing teams. Im locked in to playoffs, but a with a win and some help i may very well get second seed over third where i am now, or 4th if i do loose and the rest win
  8. My flex

    Appreciate the help in confirming my thought process.. we shall see
  9. My flex

    Agree, so far that is my lineup
  10. My flex

    Bump 1,, anyone?
  11. Neither does his real coach lol
  12. Ebron or Samuels for flex in a PPR league?

    As much as its killing them, even the experts are finally admitting Ebron is an Elite TE1. Start him.
  13. Id stay put. Not sure on cooks status, but if he isou, id put in pettis. Leave jackson if he starts, as he is pretty much like running a RB.
  14. K Benjamin

    Just signed on with KC
  15. Lockett or Humphrey's

    Im locked in playoffs.. fighting for 2nd seed if i get a win and help from one other team. Locket usually puts up points regardless, but Vikings are tuff and not a lot of targets is normal for him. That concerns me. Humphreys matchup looks good.
  16. Kareem Hunt for sony michael

    Eagles already looking to grab him.
  17. Sony a dangler?

    How many feel the Pats are using Sony as a dangler\decoy to offset defensive pre game plans? Who thinks he will start, and actually be used to his full potential. Last week i think they tossed him in limited so they can keep playing this game
  18. Sony a dangler?

    Well, id say who cares, but obviously you do.... the term communicated my question. DANGLER: several possible outcomes, left hanging. Multiple answers to a single question regarding a subject which an outcome will occur, but not known which one. A physical form left hanging. A term given to cause stress and unnecessary research for experienced fantasy football managers.
  19. Sony a dangler?

    I did. Edwards did enough, so its was all good. And i can trust sony now for the end stretch
  20. Sony a dangler?

    Im going for broke.. starting Edwards this week. We will see what the pats actually do with him on the bench xx fingers
  21. Matchup worries making me second guess

    Id go adams, and mack. Gor TE.. i just dont trust brate but its a coin toss between the two. Now. That said... sorry i hope adams has 3 fumbles, and a total off day. My opponent is playing him this week.
  22. J J watt

    Yes i agree. he has had this a few times this year. This was actually an older post from the first time lol. Thanks for the reply
  23. J J watt

    Best i can find is a minor thigh injury/soreness. Anyone know more about questionable status? Im becoming a fan of his... love this guys work ethic.
  24. Gus Edwards

    I think this qualifies for discussion. Thread started out appropriately with a scenario question. Most of the replies are conversational to that question and player.
  25. Sony a dangler?

    I Base that thought on his recent injury.. i know if he is truly healthy they would want to use him. However, what better way to use him if he is in fact not truly 100% and won't be for the season. A lame horse can still be used as a light trail horse.