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  1. Pick Two

    Hardman had a good game last time they played oakland. Samuel
  2. Griffin or Higbee at TE?

    Looks like a coin flip by these responses. Im going with Higbee
  3. Week 12 Milk Carton

    Agreed. He didn't even get put in the return mix. Complete BS from Carroll about his availability.
  4. FLEX help.. one more

    Thanks everyone, the input on this post was perfect. I'm going with Scarborough, because i am just feeling it somehow, even tho statistically i have better options (m sanders). I know its a dice toss. Fingers crossed.. Good luck to all ya all
  5. FLEX help.. one more

    I may have asked, but this is more specific. I have Samuels and E Sanders, not going to use these two this week. Up for consideration is Golden Tate / shepherd will be back Miles Sanders.. this is my first thought Bo Scarborough Im in a PPR Thanks in advance
  6. FLEX help.. one more

    Thank you, that helps. Always good to get player advice from a true fan of the team they are on.
  7. FLEX help.. one more

    Thanks, i actually really want to start him. Just hard to trust. His game last week was awesome, but ive been burnt by spark starts so much.
  8. Guice or Deebo in flex?

    Ribs is what is listed. A cartilage issue. As a retired PRCA bullrider, i can tell you this hurts like a SOB
  9. Guice or Deebo in flex?

    I disagree, they did not fully disclose his injury, and played him lightly to use as a distraction to the D. His getting "re aggravated" was the pull out time. Oldest trick around, but effective. But i do agree with your second point, in it is risky to play someone who does not participate in practice. Samuels did, but very limited.
  10. Guice or Deebo in flex?

    SF played games with sanders status last week, and i suspect they will again. I dont trust their reports. His practice participation was minimal. Id go guice
  11. Trade: Ripped off?

    You didn't get robbed or ripped off. You just didn't think it out, and made a horrible trade. Sorry bro, but that's on you.
  12. It was quicker to put up a screenshot of my bench lol. I really need a W.. so whomever you think would get me best return. We are PPR Golden Tate is currently there now... any thoughts, and why? Just grabbed Scarborough (should i put him in the field) lol get it??
  13. The problem is, your league's trading deadlines should be much earlier to avoid this. I don't believe in restricting trades. If someone takes advantage, and capitalizes on a trade, good for them.
  14. Help with Flex.. I have lots of options

    Agreed, but the big IF is a huge deal with him. SF kind of screwed me last week, saying he was healthy. They knew darn well he was not, and played that up. My bad for not putting his zero practices in mind in choosing to go with him.
  15. Everett our Fant

    Well, hope doyle worked for you, cuz Everett sure did nothing for me.
  16. Everett our Fant

    So Everett is Q, but last report expected to play. Fant is questionable for me... im really thinking these two are a coin flip. Sucks because Everett is the late game, so need to decide by 1000 hrs. Anyone have some insight on Fant?
  17. Everett our Fant

    Thanks all, thats my call too...
  18. Conner will be back, but samules should still get some use.. maybe. Or pascal? Im leaning toward pascal, anyone want to change my mind
  19. Guice

    Can someone confirm Guice, with Washington, did not play last week, and his first game back will be this sunday. I know he was activated last week, but my understanding is he was not in the lineup then. Any other thoughts about him?
  20. Must win or season over who should I start??

    Kupp, McLaren and chark
  21. Guice

    Thanks, i missed they were on a bye.. duh.
  22. This is not a joke..... pick my QB

    Haskins, jets are soft, he is new and will want to take advantage of it. I think there is potential there for a bust out. But that comes with a full disclaimer of its just a speculative guess.
  23. WTH your best receiver sits in OT

    Quote This is a classic thread exhibiting the emotions of fantasy players over the reality of the actual game. Love it Quote Yeah, i was a little emotional when i posted that. Not the first time a high skill player got sidelined or just not used due to team dynamics or personal issues. Lockett has been a frustration. As good as he is, Russell seems to want something else. I didn't see the injury, and was thinking something stupid was up... Ill admit it. I was that guy.
  24. Can someone tell me what Russell has against Lockett! He sits in OT... what kind of dumb ass move is that
  25. WTH your best receiver sits in OT

    True about Lockett, sanders that was odd. Didn't look like much of a hit, but must of hit him just right. crazy game.