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  1. Any thoughts on O'leary TE Miami?

    Good point..
  2. Had a spot on the bench, picked him up on a hunch while he was FA, to monitor for Ebrons replacement for bi week.
  3. Any thoughts on O'leary TE Miami?

    Im hopeful, if he does pull out a good game this week, that may very well plant him. Ive been lucky with nobodies that way.
  4. Any thoughts on O'leary TE Miami?

    Lol, prob true... my last hunch was Boyd, that worked out pretty good... Im on a 14 team league, slim pickings
  5. Baldwin - Do you trust him?

    Well, i have Lockett, so im good with him as absent as possible. So far, i "trust" he will continue to do so.
  6. Start which RB of these 4...?

    Lindsay for me.. but both are pretty equal IMO. Based on the even responses, that backs it up. you know how it goes, so choose one you will be ok with, if the other goes nuts on your bench.
  7. Elliot for J allison

    So, you would give me elliot for allison? Cool where do i sign up.
  8. Elliot for J allison

    Considering offering trade Allison for Elliott. Need a RB, and he is a bit weak on WR.
  9. Elliot for J allison

    I actually have AB. Im looking at what he has done, as opposed to his reputation. With allison being a primary go to for rodgers, i thought it was fare considering again, what has been produced. Still learning the game.. thanks to all for the help
  10. Elliot for J allison

    Well ok then.. thanks all for saving me some face. Thats why im here. Points earned thus far i thought they were close... with elliot ahead yes.
  11. Jeffrey or Boyd

    Flex spot, need to make call by 5. Leaning toward Boyd. But i know jeffery will start to produce here soon. Any thoughts?
  12. Jeffrey or Boyd

    Thanks all, i think im going with Boyd.
  13. Should I veto this trade?

    Unless its cheating, and/or collusion let it go. You can give advise, but its up to her in the end.
  14. Weird points question.

    Thats crazy,,,, glad you got it fixed. Those 1.6 points not showing on my score board was salt in the wound. I put that guy in over ebron who had a blowout game... then not even crediting me what crumbs i got was pretty frustrating to say the least. Im still ahead by 32 points with Chris thompson to play against reed and crowder... so should be in good shape.
  15. Weird points question.

    Has anyone ever had a player, who got a few points, where it shows on the game statistics and his page, but not show on the matchup score sheet? I blew it with McDonald, but he did get 1.6 points that do not show up on our contest page. Checked the league settings, and those points should count.
  16. Weird points question.

    It was yahoo.. and it did. I shot off a couple emails. Showed on everything but the matchup page. My team page even showed it, with correct calculated numbers. Anyway, its resolved. Lesson learned, keep an eye on totals. Bigger lesson, don't bench consistancy.
  17. Weird points question.

    Right, so im not crazy. Will this get adjusted?
  18. Weird points question.

    I did that.. shows 2 rec attempts, 1 reception for 6 yards. 1.6 points so, its its obviously wrong somehow. Im squeeking by.. but if i loose by 1.6 points, lol....
  19. Weird points question.

    Just one bump, my OCD is killing me. 1.6 point recorded on my player/team page, but not on the game matchup. How is this fixed. 1.6 points is not much, but when your kicker looses points, it at least makes up
  20. Ebron or McDonald

    Ebron is the better TE i think, and the colts are going to use him more given their options. But McDonald's an exciting play. A few points can make a difference in my next game. I need to beat this guy, he is the biggest smak talker in the league lol... plus a captain in my dept. What you all think
  21. I want to start Lockett, but as mentioned Rams are solid, and Baldwin may be an issue.. im going with Boyd
  22. Newbie in the league

    Only reason to veto a trade IMO would be if there was a mistake, obvious cheating, or if one or both parties changed their mind, and they agreed to cancel it. Just a dumb trade is natural selection. They will learn from it. If you think a player is being taken advantage of, i would counsel but not veto it. Dumb trades happen in real life too, to real coaches...
  23. Commish Question

    Never knew this to be an issue. Would it not only effect who forgot? Or are you upset someone was able to edit the lineup after the game started. If so, didn't think this could be done. In our 14 team league, if you snooze you loose. But we have only been at it for two seasons now.
  24. Ebron or McDonald

    No, sadly i did not.
  25. Ebron or McDonald

    Lol, well we shall see. I did the move, but i just do not see mc D going 30. If he gets 18 or 20 ill be happy. Crazy, and to top it off, that penalty at the end allowed him to go in one more time, making it appear as if that one was just for me, a little extra lemon in the cut for putting him on the bench haha..