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  1. Thoughts on trading draft picks?

    Exactly. I'm in another league also that my brother wanted me to join that is going to institute trading draft picks in a redraft next year. I've been wrecking both leagues, but definitely won't be doing either again. I really don't get why people would want to do that.
  2. Thoughts on trading draft picks?

  3. Ito Smith or Mack?

  4. This is my 2nd year in a 10 team league (and likely last) where they trade draft picks. Why do leagues do this? It just makes it to where the teams that are tanking trade their stud players for next years picks, and then the top 4 teams are absolutely stacked to the gills and it's merely a crap shoot at that point. What is the point? It takes the skill out of it
  5. Marlon Mack

    Miller for Mack straight up might be worth it. You know what you're getting with Miller at this point. He's been the same his whole career and could lose touches when Foreman is back. Mack has much greater upside. He was 3rd among RBs last year in 10+ yard carry rate compared to total carries. With the way he ran so well last week, I could see them really utilizing him. About 15 touches a week sounds fair. He's a much better runner between the other two, and at this point only Hines will be getting touches aside from him.
  6. Who to drop?

    I think you definitely have to keep Jones. He forces so many missed tackles (3rd most of all RBs with 20+ carries) and he runs like an elite RB. That guy turns nothing into something consistently. He is more talented than Freeman without question. Once Jones starts getting more touches (this week) he’ll take off. Even if he only averages 15 touches a game moving forward he’ll have top 12 RB value
  7. Crowell for Ekeler?

    It’s standard scoring, 10 teams. About to trade Crowell for Ekeler. I think Crowell could be a decent RB 2 ROS, but I really like insuring my RB #1 with the highly talented back up. However, unless Jones takes over, I won’t have much quality behind Michel and Gordon. Yeldon will probably only be serviceable temporarily. What’re your thoughts?
  8. Michael Thomas for Deandra hopkins

    Far from a wash. Hopkins already has more yards on less targets. Hopkins is a guy who can get 1,700-1,800 yards and 15 TDs. Last year he had nearly 1,400 yards and 13 TDs playing with straight scrubs for most of the season. Hopkins has MONSTER upside. Thomas made a splash early in the season but has gradually been regressed to who he really is. He’s a great WR, but Hopkins is NEXT LEVEL great. Hopkins is a phenomenal deep ball guy, with a QB who can absolutely air it out and extend plays. He’s only getting warmed up. The Saints will be very similar to how they were last year now that they have Ingram back. They want to be very balanced and control the clock while also running trick plays in the goal line formations. Brees only had like 22 TDs last year, and while he’s still very good, he’s in the twilight of his career and they don’t want him to air it out like before. Plus, Thomas isn’t a sensational deep ball threat. He averages significantly less yards per catch than Hopkins. You can expect Thomas to be capped at about 10 TDs and 1,300 yards
  9. Sammy Watkins or Tyler Boyd??

    Watkins missed the entire Broncos game pretty much. So his per game average is higher. And in 3 of 4 games he has played very well and will only get more involved. And Cooks only has 1 TD. Plus he’s getting many more targets. Some guys just mesh better in different systems. Reid’s system makes it easy for everyone. He’ll undoubtedly finish better than Boyd this season
  10. Sammy Watkins or Tyler Boyd??

    And Boyd has been good but undeniably less talented and in a slower offense. And it doesn’t DETRACT from Watkins when Mahomes is one of the Chiefs players you would rather have. If he has a sensational QB, then what’s that mean for him? Oh, you don’t want Robert Woods because he’s the 5th most valuable player? Haha
  11. Sammy Watkins or Tyler Boyd??

    Watkins had 1,050 yards and 9 TDs in 13 games with the Bills his second season. That’s like 1,300-1,400 yards and 12 TDs if he played a full 16 games. Do you know who his QB was? He nearly had 1,000 yards his rookie season as well. He has been riddled with injuries, however. He was modestly involved with the Rams, but had 8 TDs on a measly 38 receptions. That was the best catch to TD rate in the league. His biggest issue has always been injuries, and right now he’s healthy. There has NEVER been a doubt of his talent though. I’ve seen him have nearly 200 yards in one half before. He can definitely ball out, and as the second WR in THIS offense, you’re only screwing yourself by not employing his upside. He’ll start getting a lot more respect as the season progresses. He’ll probably have a great game against the Pats. He only has to stay healthy. He looks great so far
  12. Sammy Watkins or Tyler Boyd??

    Watkins has 29 targets to Hunt’s 9. He’s the CLEAR CUT 3rd option. Also, Watkins left the game early against the Broncos. So throwing that game out, Watkins is about the WR 26 on a per game average. He was inches away from a TD last week, and week 1 even Travis Kelce didn’t get much going because Hill kept taking big plays to the house and keeping them off the field. Watkins is going to be a fringe WR 2 player as long as he’s healthy. He’s ultra talented and in the best offense in the league which allows him much weaker coverage. Right now would be the perfect buy low on Watkins. Also, your logic doesn’t make sense because clearly we see with a potent offense like the Rams that 4 guys can have great production. The Chiefs are even HIGHER scoring and their RB doesn’t receive nearly as much as Gurley. If the Rams have 3 WRs that are considered WR 2s, I have no clue why people are sleeping on Watkins.
  13. Have anyone of you ever seen a team this hot?

    Exactly. I didn’t notice it was a keeper league though, but I’m not exactly sure how keeper leagues work. However, I think it makes any team accomplishment less impressive because it should be easier to stack a team in a keeper league.
  14. Sammy Watkins or Tyler Boyd??

    Boyd has been more consistent but Watkins has much higher upside. Plus, Watkins is more talented, in a much better offense, with the hottest QB in the league. I’d start him no questions asked. People are sleeping on Watkins but that offense is too high powered not to play their talented #2 guy. Play him as long as he’s healthy