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  1. Start Wentz or Prescott?

    No doubt. Just hope he doesn’t turn it over a lot
  2. Start Wentz or Prescott?

    That’s where I’m leaning
  3. I have some reluctance about starting Prescott over Wentz because I feel like Wentz is very likely to bounce back in a big way, but there are a few important reasons why I feel like Prescott might be a better play. Beyond Wentz struggling lately and Prescott playing very well, Wentz will be playing outside, in the cold, and it will likely be raining. Prescott will be at home in the dome. Wentz also plays a Jeckyll and Hyde defense (Washington), while Prescott plays Saints. Saints have been playing better defensively, but I would expect Prescott throws and runs more than usual since they’ll be forced to score more. However, I think Wentz is just the better overall QB and can easily take a game over. He had a stretch of 6 games where he played very well. Would hate to start some waiver add over my guy and have it blow up in my face. What’re some of your thoughts on who’s the better play?
  4. Obviously under most circumstances there are few players that could be started over Gordon, but I’m not sure if Gordon will be limited in the game or be at risk for a set back. I feel like Michel is a lock for really good points this week. What’re some thoughts?
  5. Mack and JuJu for Adams?

    Yea I have to hope Gordon and Michel can stay healthy. That’s why I can’t give up Ekeler. But I think Aaron Jones should do well so hopefully I’ll be able to afford letting Mack go in the event that Michel is injured. And yea Adams is always putting up big points. If my starting line up stayed healthy, I should never lose
  6. Mack and JuJu for Adams?

    That’s how I feel
  7. Mack and JuJu for Adams?

    He’s wanting Ekeler also. What do you guys think?
  8. What do you think of this trade? I realize I’m likely offering more value than I may be getting back, but am very tempted by having that WR trio and I’d be great at RB as long as I’m healthy. But that’s my only deterrent. If Michel is injured down the stretch, I could be screwed at my 2nd RB spot depending how Pack uses Jones going forward. Anyways, this is a 10 team, standard scoring league. All feedback is greatly appreciated
  9. Which team do you think is better?

    Cook had nearly 100 total yards each of the first two games. He was still getting back to form after his injury last year, but was heavily involved in the passing game and showed his explosion on a few plays. Cousins loves to get RBs involved in the pass game, and he can do it all. Murray barely even sniffed the field the first two weeks. And they’ve been VERY cautious with his hamstring, so he’s 100% at the moment. It’s a high octane offense, and he’s a highly talented RB who will get a ton of touches down the stretch. We’re comparing that to Darren Sproles 2.0? Cohen will be extremely hit or miss. That’s just what he is. It’s like saying James White is a better play than Mixon.
  10. Which team do you think is better?

    I don’t even see it being close between Cohen and Cook the last 8 weeks. Cook is a true RB1 if healthy. He can do everything and was hogging all touches first couple weeks. He’ll go back to getting all the touches. He’s 100% this week. Cohen is really boom or bust
  11. Which team do you think is better?

    I need Dalvin Cook to ball out down the stretch
  12. Trade offer, Is it time to trade Odell?

    His blow up game was against the Panthers. That was the best time to trade him. Now he’ll probably have several poor performances in a row, and by the time he has a good game his value will already be too low. Baldwin and Hilton might be your best bet
  13. Which Trade do I take? (if any)

    Trade 3 for sure. NJoku has been getting a ton of targets with Mayfield and it’s going to be that way all year. He’s going to produce now that they’ve got some playing time together. Smallwood isn’t worth anything and will be dropped soon. Also, Gronk is too hit or miss. They have too many other weapons. Njoku is in the perfect situation for a TE and won’t be far behind Gronk (if at all) in points. Also, keeping Gordon and Jones is a major incentive to get Njoku as well