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  1. Boyd or Kittle

    Both should be started
  2. LeVeon Bell OUT. WHO?

    Ertz is a no brainer
  3. Brees or cousins

    Anyone who said brees, why? Niners are excellent against the pass and should wreck havoc on him. What would be the reason to start brees
  4. Waller Hooper Or Kelce

    You have all three? Kelce no doubt, but flexing hooper might mot be a bad move
  5. Start Alshon Jeffery or Devante Parker?

    Parker has been on fire, Godwin has been great, and Jeffrey just can e back and was huge. Kupp hasn’t been nearly as good. Yes it’s a risk but of all four right now he’s the least hot
  6. Start Alshon Jeffery or Devante Parker?

    I would dare say bench Kupp
  7. If anyone is starting him i would say they are in serious trouble
  8. To tinker or not to tinker?

    Are we really talking about kickers? Come on dude start bailey or don’t, it’s a kicker
  9. Which QB this week?

    All are actually solid options. I would probably go with Ryan. Julio is back. Do you really have 3 QBs?
  10. Which RB

    McCoy... both Williams are not playing so it’s basically his, with Darwin sprinkled in.
  11. Start Alshon Jeffery or Devante Parker?

    Tough choice, you can’t start both?
  12. M mack or k hunt?

    Hunt.... Mack is very risky and also Tampa has an excellent run defense
  13. Pick two (flex)

    2 flex league.i need to start 2.... Breida Kyle Rudolph STerling Sherpard Deebo Samuel Pascal
  14. Brees or cousins

    I’m most likely starting cousins, just wanted to see if anyone out there was going with Brees and why? Thanks
  15. The Bake Show

    Honestly i don’t know why ur worried about taking a QB so high. I wouldn’t touch a QB before the 7-8th round. But it also depends on how QB happy ur league is. That being said i thnk Baker will have a good year. But Mahomes and Watson are better