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  1. WR help

    Reynolds, MVS, zee Jones or Anthony miller as my 3rd receiver?
  2. Drop Baldwin or Reynolds?

    Green and sanders are done so what ur saying is ur screwed
  3. Cohen, Ekeler or Wilson?

    These are all solid options who are Ur other backs? Just curious
  4. Which 2 QB's this week????

    Luck and Winston
  5. It all depends on this first game. Ridley might swoop in and split time and then he’s not very useful. Probably worth a shot thou but i believe it’s risky
  6. Playoff Lineup

    mvs has been awful and Miller is too inconcsistent so i would go with the other 3. Wilson jr might be solid if Breida is definitly out
  7. I’m starting Christian McCaffrey (obviously) and then i have David Johnson (i got in a trade a few weeks ago) Philip Lindsay and Fournette. I want to start 3 of these RBs (1 flex) i feel like Lindsay deserves a spot. So basically do i go with Johnson or Fournette
  8. Alvin Kamara trading

    No way!!! Are u kidding me? I thnk people are too high on Ingram, he isn’t worth manure especially at this point. Kamara is absolute gold
  9. .5 ppr Ingram Freeman or T Hill

    Is this a serious question? Hill is an automatic start there is no debate. Ingram might get some work but Kamara is absolute gold. And freeman is not worth the risk. Pretty simple choice
  10. Big Roster Decision (WHIR)

    I switch defenses all the time. I would get a defense and drop coutee or bears.
  11. Carlos Hyde or Philip Lindsay?
  12. Half PPR Pick 2 WR

    Lockett and Boyd
  13. Week 4 Lineup Help

    Brown over Ridley is questionable. I think Ridley is a must start
  14. Who to flex?

    I would go with Boyd