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  1. Hey thanks for all the past advice! Obj now is and Im thinking Im screwed, who should I put in his place? .3ppr Pettis vs Denver Curtis Samuel at Cleveland
  2. OBJ Out now What??

    Well that screws me this week, all I can do is laugh but who do I throw in instead? Curtis Samuel at Cleveland Dante Pettis vs Denver
  3. Time to Drop Breida?

    I already have Samuels, did you mean drop for C Samuel?
  4. Time to Drop Breida?

    Can not, all those listed are FA I can pick up
  5. Time to Drop Breida?

    Picked him up as a FA week 2, is it time to let him go? Standard league with only 2 bench spots per team. Can start 4 RBs (2 RB/2 flex spots) have Kamara, Mixon, Gordon (out on bench), Samuels, Jackson. Someone already grabbed Wilson. Should I drop him and pick up any of the following?? Blount (was just dropped have to put in a waiver) Pettis C Samuel T Smith Any of these have a better chance ROS if I survive this week? Thanks
  6. Start Cam This Week?

    He looked awful last week, still put up decent numbers and is currently ranked #3 in my league. Im going up against the team with of course Mahomes this week in the playoffs. Do I start Cam or drop him for the terrible FA options: Wentz at Dallas Allen vs Jets Mullens vs Denver Kennum at SF Id have to drop Cam as we only have two bench spots occupied by Gordon and Breida.. what does everyone think?
  7. Need To Pick 2 For Flex

    Was actually able to get Samuels and Jackson
  8. Currently have the Rams, should I try to PU the Broncos instead?
  9. Need To Pick 2 For Flex

    Anyone else? Maybe rank the top 3 to go for?
  10. Need two for my flex spots with Gordon and Breida out. .3ppr standard, who should I grab? T Smith (hard to do after his donut) D Henry J Jackson Curtis Samuel S Watkins C Clement Not the best options for playoffs, which two should I go? Im next to last on waivers on a 14 team league so idk if Ill get any. Wish I could grab Wilson or Samuels but will never happen. Thanks!
  11. ROS please pick two for flex .3ppr C Godwin Tre'Quan Smith A Miller David Moore G Everett
  12. Flex Advice Please

    I also have Godwin I forgot about, would he be worth dropping for any of these?
  13. Flex Advice Please

    David Moore, Seattle
  14. Flex Advice Please

    Not a must win as Ive made the play offs but need a good flex going forward. Have too many players with injuries this week, Gordon, Breida, Diggs, so who would be a good (standard scoring) flex ROS? A Miller T Smith D Moore We can use a TE in our flex so theres also: G Everett C Brate Thanks for any advice!
  15. So with my only open bench spot I picked up the Rams Defense (#2) for next week against Detroit. Currently have the Chargers defense and choose a new one depending on the week but someone dropped Butker (#2) kicker for KC and I can snag him. Currently have Gould who did terrible this week with 1 point. Should I drop the Rams Defense to pick up Butler to replace Gould next week and just pick up the best defense I can?