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  1. Any Of These Worth A Bench Stash?

    Did that, want to keep Crowder, would you drop Landry or Tyrell for Andrews as well? Would love the extra trading power down the road.
  2. Any Of These Worth A Bench Stash?

    Yeah wasnt thinking Gio was just waiting to hear on Mixon. Which one should I pick?
  3. So cant believe in my 10 team ppr league that both Hockenson and Andrews are still available. I already have Kelce but wonder if either is worth stashing in case they blow up more for trade purposes. Have Hopkins and Lockett, bench has Crowder, Landry, Tyrell Williams, Bernard (in case Mixon didnt play but I dont have Mixon) any of them worth dropping for either TE?
  4. Who To Start PPR

    PPR league with big Bonuses over 100 yards and TDs over 40 yards. Who would you start? Boyd Alshon B Cooks Ross Thanks!
  5. Trade Away Hopkins?

    Got Gordon for later when he hopefully returns
  6. Trade Away Hopkins?

    Dont know how I did but just traded Ekeler and Sanders for Fournette. So now team is: Dak, Brees Fournette, Duke J, Breida, Bernard, M Gordon Hopkins, Lockett, Crowder, Landry, Tyrell W Kelce
  7. Trade Away Hopkins?

    I know Ive been told, as I said it was my first and worst draft of this year. Who are examples of 2 solid players that would be fair?
  8. Trade Away Hopkins?

    So in my worst draft this season Im hurting at RB. 10 team ppr league: Dak, Brees Hopkins, Lockett, Sanders, Crowder, Landry, T Williams Breida, Ekeler, Duke, Bernard, Melvin Gordon Kelce Obviously waiting for the 3rd rd and grabbing Gordon before reading too much into it screwed me. I put out there Im looking for a RB and got an offer. Fournette and TY for my Hopkins and Breida Any thoughts? Breida is injury prone but I still hurt after drafting Fournette first rd last year. His playera of value are Bell, Fournette, Julio, TY and Desean. Should I accept, counter or forget a trade right now?
  9. Waiver Advice Please

    One team has Thomas, Allen and Fuller Other team has Hopkins, Lockett, Sanders, Landry
  10. Waiver Advice Please

    I have two leagues Im in looking for waiver advice. Ross , Desean Jackson, Marquise B, Tyrell W, Crowder Looking for a new flex Both are PPR, if you could rank them Id appreciate it! Thanks
  11. Which QB Today

    Ill ask for my team as well, I have Matt Ryan. Would Winston, Rivers or Murray be better today? And thank League!
  12. Which QB Today

    Wife wanted me to ask for her team, 4 pt per TD, .5 pt per completion, 1 pt per 25 yards. She has Big Ben but there are options she could pick up. Big Ben at NE Winston vs SF Rivers vs IND Murray vs DET Im leaning towards Winston or Murray
  13. Best Flex Option?

    .5 ppr league need a flex today Fuller at No Williams vs Den Sanders at Oak Thanks!
  14. Forgot to ask earlier, last draft of the season, 10 team ppr league that starts 2 QB, 2 RB, 2 WR, 1 RB/WR, 1 WR/TE, 1 TE and a Def. QB: Ryan, Rivers, Manning RB: Conner, Henry, White, Breida, McCoy, J Jackson, Hyde WR: Hopkins, Woods, Jones Jr, Renfrow TE: Kittle, Cook, Ebron Def: Eagles