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  1. Hes Not Worth This Right?

    If I get Mixon for McCoy, J Brown and Breida? I guess since this is my first year doing this and I dont understand everything. The Top FA RBs available in my league are Blue, Morris, Ivory, Juszczyk, Wilkins, C Anderson, Top WRs are Stills, M Williams, Snead, Moncreif, Hogan. I dont see any of them averaging enough points to make up for the loss of my 3 players. Id really like to improve my Core players but I guess this trade isnt going to work.
  2. Hes Not Worth This Right?

    Sorry its 14 teams, each team has 13 players
  3. Hes Not Worth This Right?

    Unfortunately hed be dropping Lynch. His team is: RBs Mixon, Barkley, D Johnson, Richard WRs Green, Woods, J Gordon, Cooper Being a 14 team league FA is slim pickings. I give up 2 RBs for Mixon kills me the next two weeks with Gordon and Mixon on Byes
  4. Hes Not Worth This Right?

    Anyone see a fair counter to offer?
  5. Hes Not Worth This Right?

    Any of the combination of the two more fair?
  6. Hes Not Worth This Right?

    RBs I have Gordon, McCoy, Breida, Fournette WRs I have Thielen, J Brown, Cooks We only have 2 bench spots so have to be smart with those (Fournette unfortunately permanently occupies one)
  7. Standard scoring League, I just threw the random offer out there trading away McCoy and J Brown for Mixon. He countered with McCoy, J Brown and Breida for Mixon, thats giving away way to much for Mixon correct??
  8. No Chance Right?

    Was going to do it but I just realized with only 2 bench spots, I have Fournette hoging one and M Gordon on a Bye, I cant take on a 3rd with Julio, so ready to just drop Fournette
  9. No Chance Right?

    What about Cooks/Kittle for Julio? In the standard scoring Cooks and Julio avg the same points. Is it worth going for Julio he seems like he has a big game or nothing
  10. No Chance Right?

    12 team, standard scoring (.3ppr) league. Im looking to trade away J Brown, Kittle and Cooks for Julio and TY. We run 2 bench spots and his are full and he has no starting TE and Sanu who looks like he wont play, plus still up in the air TY plays. He was in the lead in our league till he lost his last two. Think thats a decent trade to offer?
  11. Is Hill Worth It?

    In that case not worth it with all the low games. Dont know if it matters, we only have 2 bench so not much in the way of back up players with 12 teams. His best RB is Powell and other wr is Golladay
  12. Defense Week 7 Help

    Guess I should of picked the Broncos lol what a game
  13. Is Hill Worth It?

    Standard scoring league, points wise hes the #1 WR in our league but its because of his two blow up games (45 and 37 pts) rest of his games average around 13 pts. Guy who has him is 3-3 and only other top player he has is Brees. Was debating offering something like Cooks/J Brown/McCoy for him or that too much/little for him?
  14. Barkley for thielen

    Standard or ppr? Dont think youd get Hunt for OBJ, but if in standard Id trade Theilen for Barkley
  15. Do I Have a Chance?

    12 team standard league, we run 1 QB, 2 RBs, 2 WRs, 2 Flex, 1 TE, 1 K, 1 Def, 1 DB. This guy has lost the last 2, he has 1 good RB and no TE at all. Do I have the slightest chance? Trade away Fournette, Kittle, J Brown, B Baker For Julio, TY and J Adams Im also trading DBs hoping to help, Baker is #1 in points for DBs getting over 20 the last 2 games