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  1. I'm considering a trade that would send away Matthew Stafford or Matt Ryan. It's up to me to choose. Which would you prefer rest of season? Thanks. Stafford - remaining schedule: WK10 @ Chi WK11 v. Dallas WK12 @ Wash WK13 v. Chi WK14 @ Min WK 15 v. TB WK 16 @ Den Ryan - remaining schedule: WK10 @ NO WK11 @ Car WK12 v. TB WK13 v. NO WK14 v. Car WK 15 @ SF WK 16 v. Jax
  2. Trade proposal: Matt Ryan & Carlos Hyde for Kenyan Drake & Sterling Shepard The main issue here is I'm slim at RB. The guy in my league wants a QB (his is on bye this week). I have Matthew Stafford and Matt Ryan. I'd prefer to let go of Matt Ryan because the Falcons are terrible and they might pull Ryan end of season if it's a lost season. I have David Johnson, and the acquisition of Drake makes me want to handcuff him. Here is my current roster: QBs: Matthew Stafford, Matt Ryan WRs: Julian Edelman, Kenny Golladay, Christian Kirk, DJ Moore, Robby Anderson (likely drop this week) RBs: Leonard Fournette, David Johnson, Carlos Hyde, Darrel Henderson TE: Austin Hooper D/ST: San Fran So basically, I would have to decide on weekly basis between David Johnson and Kenyan Drake, but I would secure owning the Arizona backfield. Sterling should also be the #1 WR in NYG once he returns. Thoughts? Appreciate it.
  3. Flex Start Help

    Half ppr I’m between Christian Kirk (if he plays), Robby Anderson, DJ Moore, or Carlos Hyde.
  4. They are saying Fuller will be out a month and who knows how his injury will affect his play when he returns. He may not be fantasy relevant for the remainder of the year, especially come playoff time. Devante is having a career year and there’s rumors he gets dealt before the trade deadline. He’s the only interesting option on our waivers right now.
  5. I have DJ. This back injury is somewhat concerning. It could no games or it could be multiple games. I have Hyde who could fill his spot if he were to miss time. I was considering spending a chunk of FAAB money on Edmonds to handcuff DJ if he were to miss time. $34 was spent on Gallman a couple weeks back. I was thinking in the $20 range for Edmonds so I secure him ROS. I have $86/$100 remaining. Thoughts?
  6. Pick 2. Half ppr

    Having to dig really deep this week... Half ppr. Pick 2. Will Fuller, Carlos Hyde, or Robby Anderson WHIR. Thanks
  7. Drop AB?

    Is it worth keeping AB on our bench for a couple weeks and seeing how things pan out or just drop him? Thoughts? Singletary was just became available on waivers and I’d like to pick him up for future rb depth. My RBs: David Johnson, Fournette, Hyde, Adrian Peterson
  8. Half ppr. Who would you start? Kirk - running primarily out of the slot and this week against a Carolina team that had issues covering Godwin last week. Hyde - Seems like he’s the primary RB in Houston. He had 20 carries last week. Duke Johnson only had 6 carries. Hyde also out snapped Duke 60/40%. Relatively efficient with his carries. He’ll be TD dependent and Chargers D isn’t to be afraid of. Appreciate any feedback
  9. Golladay or Adrian Peterson?

    Anyone else? Appreciate any additional feedback
  10. I need to fill one WR slot. Half ppr. AB- There's question marks on his usage in the first game with this offense. He doesn't really know the playbook yet and he will likely see less than 20% of snaps. It's a juicy matchup against Miami, but a lot of risk in his play. *I also have Edelman who I'm starting* Golladay- tough matchup against Chargers D and Casey Hayward. He had 9 targets last game. If he gets locked down, Stafford has other options... but Golladay will play a majority of snaps. Fuller- Disappointing target share (only 3 targets) in a shoot out. However, I just learned that AJ Boye is out this week. But, there's a lot of options in HOU, Hopkins, Keke, Duke. Boom/bust option, but a high ceiling - could be one of those games he blows up. Who would you start? - will help in return
  11. Matt Ryan or Dak Prescott

    Dak is ranked above Ryan in consensus rankings this week, but I’m not so sure. If it rains Dak likely won’t be throwing much and they’ll use Zeke on the ground. If he does throw it’ll effect his accuracy. I think Ryan and the falcons may have a bounce back game after last week.
  12. Golladay or Adrian Peterson. Half ppr Golladay has a tough matchup against Chargers and Hayward. AP has his own tough matchup, but he should regain his role as lead back and he could be determined to show up his coach after scratching him week 1. Who are you going with?
  13. I have AB and Edelman. AB's usage in Belichecks offense is unknown. NE tends to spread the ball around. Brady and Edelman already have a connection and he gets a ton of targets. I don't want two receivers from the same team, so I'd like to move AB. I just proposed a trade: AB + Carlos Hyde for Mike Evans + Lesean Mccoy Thoughts?
  14. Trade Value of Antonio Brown

    I was thinking about proposing this trade: AB + Hyde for Aaron Jones + AJ Green This owner owns Duke Johnson so he may want to handcuff with Hyde. Do you think it's a good trade for me?
  15. Trade Value of Antonio Brown

    Agreed. Let me ask you this, would you trade him before or after Sunday's game against MIA? We saw what Baltimore did this weekend...