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  1. Pick A Flex

    Will Fuller or Lamar Miller
  2. RB to Start?!

    Lamar Miller or Alfred Morris?
  3. Pick A RB!

    Always strong response game Montana
  4. Pick A RB!

    AP or Lamar! tough decision any thoughts greatly appreciated!
  5. Lamar or AP Robinson or Fuller
  6. Lamar or AP Robinson or Fuller
  7. Pick A WR!

    Allen Robinson Will Fuller Coutee?
  8. Lineup help! Please pick best 3 (PPR)

    Morris, Cohen, Sanu
  9. Enunwa or Gordon at WR3?

    Gordon coming out party today. The moment we’ve all been waiting for. Chiefs secondary is hot garbage. Gordon gets yardage and finds the end zone for the second straight week.
  10. Baldwin or Miller?

    I just put up a question on AP or Miller. Just a hunch but believe it or not it I think Millers gonna produce today. Baldwin’s knee is 80% and I think with Deshaun dealing with a chest injury the Texans will look to run.
  11. Which RB?!?

    AP or Lamar Miller? We don’t know if AP will be 100% and Lamar Miller well you already know. I feel with Deshaun Watson suffering from his chest injury the Texans may turn more to the run game. But if that’s the case will we see Miller or shared time with Blue? I’m leaning Miller believe it or not but wanted to get your guys thoughts. Let me know we are approaching game time!
  12. Who to Flex? Coutee or Josh Gordon?

    Coutee or Gordon? L Miller or AP?
  13. Quick!!!

    Morris or Powell???
  14. Keke or Fuller

    Both should play but for some reason I see Coutee getting it don’e today.