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  1. I'm likely gonna take a loss or two anyway, with or without either one. Right now I'm being carried by the rest of my #1s (Lamar Jackson, Cousins, CMC, Kupp, and H. Henry) - as long as they stay healthy I've got a good shot every week. It's a 2-QB league.
  2. Oh more info I should have included. In weeks 14-16 JuJu is at Ari, home vs. Buffalo (yick), and at the Jets (yum). TY is at Tampa, at NO (yick), and home vs. Car. For me the schedule is a push either way - I still think TY is going to see more looks over that stretch if he's healthy.
  3. OK I know it sounds crazy but hear me out. 10-team standard league, trade deadline was set for today so no more trading. Other teams have all sorts of bye problems, and someone in our league dropped TY Hilton - he's setting on the WW for free right now. I am 7-2 and should easily make the playoffs, so I'm looking at weeks 14-16 at this point. My other receivers are Kupp, Thielen (hurt but hopefully nof for much longer), C. Kirk, John Brown, and JuJu. I am benching JuJu for the first time all season and playing Brown, Kupp, and Kirk over him. Every week I start JuJu because I'm "supposed to" based on rankings but I've not felt good about it all season. Would anyone drop JuJu for Hilton as bench stash in prep for weeks 14-16, considering Brissett would likely be healthy by then? It's either that, or let someone else take Hilton.