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  1. Elijiah McGuire or Ware/Williams?

    Ware just got downgraded to doubtful. Damien WIlliams probably a must-start now, right? I'm going with D. Williams (flex), McGuire, and M. Gordon; benching Fournette and Ware, tell me if you all would do the same.
  2. Tim Tebow kneels for his god, not for social injustice. I assume that that's been deemed ok by NFL team owner standards.
  3. Maybe so, but look how long it took the Browns to finally piece together a serviceable roster, even with all the high draft picks. 20 something years? Does the Raiders ownership have that much patience?
  4. Does Peterson do shadow coverage or does he line up on one side all the time? Rams WR formations seem to change more often than most teams, so that may mean all 3 Rams receivers will have some opportunity for production without Peterson coverage.
  5. What to do with Fournette?

    I'm planning to bench Fournette for McGuire. I don't like how Marrone seems to be playing games with his RBs, and I also don't trust Fournette's foot after showing up on the injury report this week. Here's my advice: if you are a heavy underdog, go with Fournette for his high ceiling. If your matchup is pretty even, go with McGuire's decent floor and the fact that the Jets offense isn't a total dumpster fire right now. That's how I'm looking at it, but I'm open to differing opinions if anyone thinks my logic is flawed.
  6. I know Fantasy Football isn't real football, but if I had to choose between starting Nathan Peterman or Tim Tebow this week for the FF championship, I would start Tebow.
  7. Yeah well I fell in love with Amanda Bynes but when she turned out to be a basket case I lost interest. Am I missing something here? Why would anyone be willing to sign this bum?
  8. How can Peterman possibly be getting another job? Has Gruden not seen this meme? (credit to NFL Memes). Tim Tebow deserves a job before this clown.
  9. Elijiah McGuire or Ware/Williams?

    I definitely get your logic. I guess we are just disagreeing on which is more important: expected touches vs more reliable offense. You side with expected touches and I side with reliable offense. Hopefully both RBs play fine for both our sakes!
  10. Maybe, but without Gurley or Malcolm Brown, how much confidence will they have in Kelly and CJ Anderson to help kill clock?
  11. Elijiah McGuire or Ware/Williams?

    Even if Ware and Williams have a timeshare, I still think the floor and ceiling will be higher for Ware than for McGuire, simply because the Chiefs offense is so much more reliable. Jets could easily lay an egg, and who knows if Trenton Cannon steals touches from McGuire. I'm really surprised at how many people are up on McGuire over Ware.
  12. Are you saying that because you think Ware will be ruled out, or because you think D Williams has jumped Ware in the depth chart?
  13. True, but if Goff goes Woods heavy then I would be in a bad spot. It's an interesting idea to have both Cooks and Reynolds vs his Goff, though
  14. No worries, I should have clarified. Interesting, you would go Reynolds over Fitz? Would it change your opinion to know that my opponent is starting Goff?
  15. haha yep, I made it to the finals. Here's my lineup: QB: Mahomes RB1: M. Gordon RB2: Conner or Ware Flex: Ware or Damien Williams WR1: Cooks WR2: Edelman, WR3/TE: Fitz, J. Reynolds, or M. Williams Def: Vikings K: Zuerlein