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  1. Trade A.J. Green?

    I agree its a lot. Definetly offer just one RB first but if you try for a sure fire #1 like cook etc instead of a boarderline #1 I think you'll need the two RBs. You can possibly squeeze a sleeper throw in to your trade as well
  2. PPR Joe Mixon vs Arizona or Melvin Gordon vs Denver. Gordon has the way better matchup (28th against RBs) but he could end up getting 3 carries or 15 carries. Mixon has the worse matchup but its still average (17th against RBs). He Also has the opportunity for WAY more volume than Gordon. But the bengals o-line is decimated with injuries. Mixon has struggled early on but I dont think its his fault, more of injuries to the wideouts and o-line What do you think?
  3. Trade A.J. Green?

    AJ, and two of Conner, Johnson and Freeman will get you almost anyone you want. You have such a good team and depth i think its worth it. WR or RB. Depending on other teams' needs and depth