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  1. Mostert?

    Such as :P
  2. Marlon Mack trade

    First year and wasnt really aware of alot of things. Learning though so thats good. Do i benefit much from this trade or should i look to package a couple of WRs together maybe and keep Hyde?
  3. Marlon Mack trade

    Haha it pains me that my other options at RB are Miller, Barber and Mostert Man this game is tough
  4. Is this a good deal?

    I think id rather have Watson and OBJ. Just coming from a new player from New Zealand so my opinions are backed by very little in depth knowledge
  5. Marlon Mack trade

    We only play Standard, does that change opinios?
  6. Marlon Mack trade

    16 team league so options are sparse. Mack for Hyde a silly decision. Without TDs Hyde is not going to score well and Mack has shown his ability to score well in yardage alone. Thoughts lads?
  7. Have been offered Dalton and Hogan for my Mahomes and Callaway. Do I benefit from this trade?
  8. Marlon Mack

    Ive put in a waiver for mostert was it? Im 12th on the list so im not likely to be able to pull anything off. I will see what i can tempt the Smith owner with.
  9. Marlon Mack

    Or are there other guys i should be looking at trying to get a hold of? Open to all suggestions
  10. Marlon Mack

    In a 16 team league and really struggling to upgrade my RB group in a meaningful way Is Marlon Mack worth trading for? Was going to try and throw Agholor and Miller to try and get him My current RBs are Hyde, Barber, Miller, Hines
  11. OBJ Blues

    I think ill definitely be able to get Mixon, guy is sitting pretty low. Would like to get rid of Hyde too
  12. OBJ Blues

    Cheers lads.
  13. OBJ Blues

    Is it time to say goodbye to OBJ if i can get a decent RB? My RBs are killing me QB: Mahomes RB: Hyde, Hines, LMiller, Barber WR: OBJ, Green, Callaway, Agholor, Kirk, Reynolds, Valdes-Scantling TE: Burton W/R: Rogers
  14. Complex Trade

    Have been offered a trade that im considering. I would lose OBJ and Burton Id pick up Clement, Njoku and Crowder Feel like countering with OBJ, Burton and Agholor for Clement, Njoku and Diggs Thoughts on this one guys?
  15. Lineup Day

    That was easy Really need to nab some better RBs at some point, they just dont seem to be available anywhere