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  1. WR troubles

    Cheers lads, i look forward to Trequans 30 or 0 haha
  2. WR troubles

    Kelvin Benjamin worth anything??
  3. WR troubles

    Hey guys, Currently have Thomas, Humphries and Trequan as my WRs Ross and Taywan are on the bench. Crowder, McKenzie, Ateman as FAs Any changes needed here lads?
  4. Jonnu or Thomas

    I much prefer 5-8 at this stage of the season at TE. He might accidentaly get a TD
  5. Jonnu or Thomas

    Jonnu Smith or Ian Thomas??
  6. Jonnu or Thomas

  7. Jonnu or Thomas

    Hey guys planning ahead to Rd15/16. Would you rather Jonnu or Ian Thomas?
  8. Emmanuel Sanders tore his Achilles during practice

    Is Daesean Hamilton worth a crack in deeper leagues?
  9. Have a bye. But no idea what to do.

    I have grabbed Detroit Lions DST, Josh Allen and Mayfield as options at QB. WR I'm struggling badly. Taywan Taylor and Ateman are the only available guy s with good matchups.
  10. Week 15 WRs to add

    So with my bye this week I've decided to look at some Rd15 WRs. Unfortunately all I have to choose from is Taylor against the Giants and Ateman against the Bengals. Current WRs are Thomas, Humphries, Trequan and Ross Thoughts on wether those two are worth it
  11. Do I start grabbing useful players for Rd15/16? Have to get rid of Kirk and Green this week so that unfortunately leaves me a mess at WR now.
  12. Lineup advice, trying to lock up a bye

    Shoot I also have Barber. Still prefer Trequan?
  13. Hey guys, keen to lock up a playoffs bye this weekend. Currently running: Mahomes Miller, Adams Thomas, Green, Humphries Jonnu Who do I flex out of Kirk, Trequan, Ross, McGuire. Also own JJackson and Kumerow but won't be starting them.
  14. Week 12 MNF - whatcha need?

    6 points from Miller + Jonnu Everything will be fine!