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  1. I've got a long standing league that I've been running that has had a few owners drop out, so I need some replacements. Here are the important details -$200 entry fee escrowed on leaguesafe -league is hosted on myfantasyleague.com -12 teams -Live online draft at 9 PM Eastern on Monday 9/2 -Scoring is PPR with bonuses for long scores. You can look at last years league website to see the exact scoring rules, roster requirements, etc.: http://www80.myfantasyleague.com/2018/home/15601#0 -only league expense is myfantasyleague.com hosting fee. All money is paid out as prizes as follows: Champion 29%, Second place 14%, Third Place 7%; First place overall points 29% Second place overall points 14% Third place overall points 7% If interested or if you have questions please send me a PM or post in thread. Spot is not guaranteed until your payment is made on leaguesafe.
  2. Week #2 TE Starter

    I like Clark slightly better, but I think it is close. I have personally never been that high on Clark. Because the Colts have 3 good receivers, Clark is like the 5th option in the passing game (after Harrison, Wayne, Stokely, and Edge). But the Colts throw a lot, so being the 5th option on that team isn't really that bad. Clark compares favorably with Watson, since Watson is probably around the 5th option on his team and the pats don't throw as much. I think that Watson is more athletic and can do more with the ball after the catch. If the Pats take advantage of this and target him more, that may make him more valuable in the future. But for the time being, Clark is the better choice.
  3. I had J. Walker and now I need a replacement. I'm stacked at RB and am trying to trade W. Parker for a good WR. My goal is to get someone like A. Johnson/D. Jackson/R. Wayne (I value these three roughly the same). Is this too optimistic? Or should I be asking for more? What WRs have other huddlers gotten for Parker?
  4. Which RBs to Start?

    I've tried to shop him around for a reciever (also had J. Walker in one league), but no one is interested enough. What I've found is that people who actually own Parker tend to overestimate his value, while people who don't own him underestimate his value and claim that he is just a one week wonder. If he has another good week I might be more successful in making a good trade. Thanks everyone for the good responses. Based on the replies, I am going to definitely bench him league 2 and most likely bench him in league one also (need to think a little more about that one).
  5. I have Parker in two leagues. League One (points for yardage, TDs and receptions) I have LT vs Denver Rudi vs Minnesota Parker vs Houston Which two would you start? League Two (points for yardage, TDs, but NO points for receptions) I have Deuce vs NY Giants J. Lewis vs Tenessee Parker vs Houston Which two would you start? My head says to bench Parker in both leagues, but my gut says to start Parker over Rudi in League 1 and over Deuce in League 2. Any suggestions?
  6. McCallister's Backup

    I would have thought so too, but all of the depth charts that I have seen on various websites list Stecker as #2.
  7. McCallister's Backup

    I've got Deuce McCallister and I want to have his backup in case of injury. I assumed that his backup was Stecker (who I currently have), but I noticed that in the last game A. Smith got 3 carries to Stecker's 1 carry. Can anyone who watched the game put these stats into context? Any thoughts on who will get most of the carries if Deuce goes down? Thanks for any replies.