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  1. Who Has Best Chance to Win This Matchup?

    I'll go team 2
  2. Bench Mahomes???? WHIR

    Very true.. didnt even read the whole thread. HA. Btw @DeadlyKickers I think u might of jinxed Mahomes with this post 🤔
  3. Bench Mahomes???? WHIR

    Ouch.... well outta those I like J. Allen for a few weeks and possibly even Darnold down the road when all the weapons come back @DeadlyKickers
  4. Bench Mahomes???? WHIR

    Is he out for the year ? Let's not get ahead of ourselves
  5. Who do I go with at WR?

    Adam's Diggs Sutton If Adam's doesn't play I'd go fuller
  6. Last minute RB help

  7. Start Tevin Coleman or Austin Hooper this week?

    Gimme the RB guaranteed touches
  8. Does Drob have any value tonite?

  9. Sanders or Singletary PPR

  10. Hyde or Breida?

  11. StartWhho? E. Sanders or McLaurin

  12. Bench Mahomes???? WHIR

    Getting 2 cute...
  13. Really! Carlos Hyde!

  14. Hunter Henry or John Brown (buff)

    I like em both but I'd give Brown the edge. I expect him to torch miami downfield