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  1. Rank 'em: Penny, Mattison, Mostert, Snell?

    Penny Snell Mostert Mattison
  2. Defense.. It's sexy!

  3. What to do with Wentz?

    Hold onto him. Hope he gets some playmakers back plus schedule eases up
  4. WR pick 1

    Bump. Any1 else ?
  5. WR pick 1

    PPR Gallup vs NE or Deebo Samuel vs GB?
  6. RB Help

    Bell and Jones
  7. WR Help

  8. Pick my #1 QB! Ouch!

    Cousins Carr Garropalo Rivers
  9. QB Advice for Playoff Spot!!

    Darnold or Baker. Leaning Baker GL
  10. TE shuffle, who goes off this week?

    I dont see Griffin on this list so I'd go Hollister or Fant
  11. Who do I start?!

    Hollister, Renfrow, Allen
  12. Which Waiver WR ?

    Washington and shepard(if he plays)
  13. Need a TE

    Griffin or hollister
  14. Dak next week?

    Brissett or Darnold over Dak. @jerlane I'd go Wentz. Seattle's D isnt the legion of boom and can easily be thrown against
  15. Bo Scarabough or Jonathan Williams?

    Neither. Till I see who comes out as the bell cow for indi if that even happens. And I dont trust any Det RB. And get outta here @Sol-King go back to roto-baller 😉