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  1. Pick one ppr

  2. Pick 2 for ppr

  3. Pick 2 for ppr

  4. WR to start?

    Baby Chark
  5. Need a flex starter

    Campbell or Ruggs
  6. Wk. 2, WDIS - Superflex QB and RB decision

    Ryan and Drake as well
  7. Drew Brees or Josh Allen

  8. WDIS at TE? Goedert or Hayden Hurst

    Ride Goedert
  9. Pick him up. Wish I was in your league
  10. Rank these defences - week 2

    Chiefs- bears- rams- titans
  11. Fuller or OBJ

    Fuller till he gets hurt
  12. Bell Replacement?

    stay away from jets rbs
  13. Slow Kittles at Play

    gotta pick up goedert. I'm surprised he's available in alot of leagues I see on here. If u miss out on goedert, snag Hurst who is another player that probably shouldn't be on the ww.
  14. Would you trade away Boyd to get Dobbins?

    Defintely. U need the RB help.