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  1. Won my ship thanks everyone here

    Congrats @Sol-King
  2. @irish PPR pick 2 please M. Gordon vs Oak M. Ingram vs Cle M. Mack vs Car M. Boone vs GB
  3. @irish Hey!!! Full ppr Who would you go with Perriman or Fuller? Thanks !
  4. @irish Full PPR W. Fuller vs TB or B. Perriman vs Hou? Thanks !
  5. Ship lineup! Any advice would be appreciated

    I agree thanks @Montana is da Man
  6. "PPR" What you guys think? Would you guys make any changes? Kicker : W. Lutz Defense: Pitt vs NYJ
  7. RB3 - Sanders, Mattison/Boone - Zeke / Henry

    Your set. Ride those 3 you have slotted in
  8. @irish help pls Full PPR pick 1: Deebo vs Atl Gallup vs Rams Fuller vs Tenn Thanks legend !
  9. WR Advice

    Full PPR and I keep going back and forth.... Please pick 1: Deebo Samuel vs Atl M. Gallup vs LAR W. Fuller vs Hou Thanks guys !
  10. Defense

    Pick 1 SF vs Atl Pitt vs Buff Buff vs Pitt
  11. Advice with WR

    With playoffs starting this week and M. Evan's most likely doubtful or possibly out for the rest of the season I need to plug and play a wideout. Full PPR M. Gallup vs LAR or W. Fuller (if he plays) vs Tenn. Waiver wire: D. Samuel vs Atl (waiver wire) A.J. Brown vs Hou (waiver wire) Z. Pascal vs NO (waiver wire)
  12. Rank 'em: Penny, Mattison, Mostert, Snell?

    Penny Snell Mostert Mattison
  13. Defense.. It's sexy!

  14. What to do with Wentz?

    Hold onto him. Hope he gets some playmakers back plus schedule eases up
  15. WR pick 1

    PPR Gallup vs NE or Deebo Samuel vs GB?
  16. WR pick 1

    Bump. Any1 else ?
  17. RB Help

    Bell and Jones
  18. WR Help

  19. Pick my #1 QB! Ouch!

    Cousins Carr Garropalo Rivers
  20. QB Advice for Playoff Spot!!

    Darnold or Baker. Leaning Baker GL
  21. TE shuffle, who goes off this week?

    I dont see Griffin on this list so I'd go Hollister or Fant
  22. Who do I start?!

    Hollister, Renfrow, Allen
  23. Which Waiver WR ?

    Washington and shepard(if he plays)
  24. Need a TE

    Griffin or hollister
  25. Dak next week?

    Brissett or Darnold over Dak. @jerlane I'd go Wentz. Seattle's D isnt the legion of boom and can easily be thrown against