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  1. That's what a great qb does.... makes somebody outta nobody. Not like our qb πŸ™„ lol
  2. Drop Goff?

    His o-line is horrible and he's been extremely indecisive. I'd look elsewhere
  3. Really thinking of trading Saquon...

    I would accept for Fournette or zeke. Slight edge to Fournette.
  4. Start Bears or Steelers DST?

    @Montana is da Man interesting.... how u feeling after last night?
  5. Flex Spot

    Full PPR M. Mack vs Jax or M. Ingram vs Hou?
  6. Who becomes Foles preferred receiver

    Before the season all the hype was dee Dee but who knows ? Guess it's a wait and see..
  7. Needing advice on week 11 lineup

    Start ingram and mixon Start thomas, crowder Flex M. Brown
  8. Which defense should i stream?

    1. Bills 2. Da raiiiders
  9. Opinion on Tevin Coleman

    Dont see you getting better value for him at the moment. Hold him he should getting it going, as this team is a run first offense and a darn good one
  10. @irish help me daddy lol Full PPR Mack vs Jax or M. Ingram vs Hou? And Half ppr D. Moore vs Atl or M. Gallup vs Det?
  11. Best TE to stream this Week

    Flip a coin between Howard and Rudolph hope either one can find the endzone.
  12. Prepping for playoffs

    Chubb is solid. Will get you those good yards just hasn't been able to find the endzone much
  13. Captain for Thurs D Game

  14. Start Bears or Steelers DST?

    Would u guys play the steelers Thursday vs cle over SF vs Ari? πŸ€”
  15. QB Start Question

    Carr at cincy sounds πŸ‘ŒπŸΌ
  16. Kelce for Mattison and Gesicki?

    Yea don't understand that trade from his point of view but....congrats !
  17. I mean he was injured...idk if that counts as coming down to earth. But good for you. Even with him battling back from injury I trust him and that offense for a big "get right" game compared to the jets
  18. Need urgent WR help

    M. Brown, Gallup, or Jones Jr (if stafford plays)
  19. Flex Spot

    @JumpingJehosaphat yea was leaning towards Ingram even tho Lamar is just a machine who takes away so manny carries to Ingram. But with that being said Mack has been a let down and that o-line has been average at best....
  20. Flex Spot

    Any1 else ?
  21. Which defence ROS?

    Real question is would you guys play the Steelers Thursday vs Cle or SF vs Ari ?
  22. Better Stash?