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  1. Dalvin Cook ROS?

    How do y’all feel about Dalvin going forward after that atrocious Bears game? Not feeling alot of confidence starting him but his schedule looks pretty good.
  2. I have a TE problem (PPR). Evan Engram doesn't feel like a starter and I'm slightly panicking. My Team Kamara Mixon Davante Adams AJ Green Engram JuJu Should I try to get Olsen and Mark Ingram to fill my TE gap? Is it worth giving up AJ green coming off that injury?
  3. Trade Kenny Golladay for Mark Ingram

    I did it earlier in the season when I needed receivers bad, and it paid off. If you dont have RB depth, probably dont do it but otherwise, kenny G is a fire add
  4. PPR Amari Cooper vs Redskins Josh Gordon vs Jets Doug Baldwin vs Panthers Honest toss up for me. Who would you pick?
  5. Golladay vs Carolina Cooper vs Atlanta PPR Leaning towards Amari but what do you guys think
  6. PPR Cook vs Bears Mack vs Titans Cook finally coming back healthy and ready to go this week. What's the play?
  7. FLEX πŸ’ͺ

    Amari Cooper vs Eagles Aaron Jones vs Dolphins Calvin Ridley vs Browns Out of these three options, who would you pick for your single PPR flex spot?
  8. Amari Cooper vs Titans Josh Gordon vs Packers Who would you rather flex?
  9. Trading: Kareem Hunt Emmanuel Sanders Nick Chubb Receiving: Melvin Gordon Robert Woods Amari Cooper 2 RB, 2 WR, 1 FLEX. I already have Mack, Cook, and Aaron Jones. My receivers are Golladay and J Gordon. I'm 3-5. Do I make this trade?
  10. Mack for Cooks?

    TRADE: Marlon Mack for Brandin Cooks Is this trade equal in value?
  11. I already have Hunt, Chubb, and Mack. Need WRs. Is this a good value trade?
  12. Starting QB: Winston RB: Hunt RB: ? WR: Sanders WR: ? TE: Kittle FLEX: ? Bench Ingram II Mack Chubb Baldwin J Gordon Crabtree Who do I put in the ? spots
  13. Crabtree @ Panthers J Gordon @ Bills Leaning towards Crabtree because Gordon is facing T. White. What do you think?
  14. Pick 2

    edelman and cohen for sure. fuller is a total boom/bust option that thrives when watson is healthy, and watson is a little beat up as of late. i'd go safe with those two if you dont have better options available. additionally, if gronk doesnt play, edelman should be a sure lock.
  15. My team is currently starved at WR (Baldwin, J Gordon, Sanders, Crabtree, Ridley) and have plenty of RB depth (Hunt, Ingram, Mack, Chubb, A Jones, Cook). I'm 3-4, making my comeback and wary of AJ Green's week 9 bye. Do I make this trade?