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  1. PPR - Pick 3 Asked you a similar question earlier but added Godwin to the mix. Tyreek Chark Parker Alshon Godwin Thanks again!
  2. Eli starting - DST question

    You like Eagles over Pitt dst?
  3. Eli starting - DST question

    Eagles DST points projection just decreased on ESPN.
  4. PPR How does Eli starting impact this decision? Pitt or Eagles?
  5. PPR Carson vs Devin Doyle vs Hollister Pitt vs Eagles (Eli appears to be starting) Zuerlein vs Elliott (this week & ROS) Thanks!
  6. PPR Tyreek Chark Alshon Parker Would it be crazy to go with Alshon & Parker?
  7. Pick 3 - Playoffs

    PPR Tyreek Chark Alshon Parker Godwin Would it be crazy to go with Alshon & Parker over Chark & Tyreek?
  8. PIT D or PHI D?

    In the same boat not sure what to do in week 14...
  9. Alshon Jeffery ?

    PPR Alshon over Chark week 14??
  10. Who else had Aaron Jones in their line up?

    Had him on my bench as well. Thinking of plugging him in over Tyreek @ NE...
  11. Who else had Aaron Jones in their line up?

    I had Jones, Tyreek, Godwin and Chark in my lineup and they all had crap weeks. My bench was stellar though...
  12. PPR Hollister or Goedert if Ertz is out?
  13. Dst help

    Any advice on the original topic?
  14. Dst help

    PPR I have Pit but I'm not sold on Pit's week 13,14 and kinda 15 matchup. Cant decide on if I should pick up either Jets or Eagles. I'm in the playoffs so week 13 matchup isn't that important. I could potential get a bye but I would need 50 points over the 2nd place team. Option 1 Do I just play Pit vs AZ week 14 and then vs Buf week 15. Option 2 Pickup Jets and play them vs Mia week 14 and Pit vs Buf week 15. Option 3 Pickup Eagles and play them vs NYG week 14 and Wash week 15. thanks
  15. TE question

    Hollister & Griffin