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  1. Crowell!

    And of course I didn’t play him. Crowell is too damn unpredictable
  2. Wth is going on with Crosby?!

    Lol well at least he cleared the negative score. Man that could of been his normal close to 20pts
  3. Wth is going on with Crosby?!

    I can’t believe a damn kicker screwed me. He’s been so on point too. /sigh
  4. He’s been my go to kicker every week. He has missed 3 FGs and a XP. I’m not watching the game is he out there on a pair of crutches?
  5. Yeah Brown for Cooks is kind of a no brainer. It’s freaking A. Brown
  6. Help with Flex decision this week.

    In 3 leagues. My Yahoo league is a disaster. I drafted Fournette, Cook and McKinnon for my first 3. Ughh. I’m holding on by a thread.
  7. Help with Flex decision this week.

    😂 waited late for my QB and grabbed Mahomes and Goff. Has paid off big time. Why I never go early on QBs. I don’t understand why peeps do that.
  8. Help with Flex decision this week.

    I know I lucked out so hard in this league haha. Dummies were waisting first rounds on Rodgers and Brady. I couldn’t believe I was able to grab Barkley, Gordon and Thomas was still there at the turn. I’m like omg
  9. Yeah one of my leagues is a QB : 1 pt / 10 yards and 6pt/ TD. The QB can make or break the game. I put up just shy of 80 points with Goff last week it basically won that game for me while playing Fournette and Cook as well.
  10. Flex - lineup help

    I kind of like Freeman but Funchess is probably the safer bet.
  11. I’m having a hard time deciding on who I should play for my flex. Choice of 4. A. Collins, Boyd, J. Brown or A. Jones? I think Jones has the possibility to really crush it or be a total bust. Always worried about Collins even though he is rated at highest Proj. Point total. I’m really knocking around Boyd or Brown. Any thoughts would be appreciated.