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  1. PPR Sterling Shepard or Dede Westbrook Engram and Tate is OUT Dede is playing against bucs secondary WHO?!!!?
  2. Need a Flex Spot. MUST WIN :(

    Id think itd be the other way around. Tate plas slot so should get the targets, but brown will likely be shadowed by chris harris.
  3. Need a Flex Spot. MUST WIN :(

    yea my other 2 RBs are chubb and barkley >.<
  4. Full PPR WR spot (Pick 1) John brown, golden tate, dede westbrook Flex Spot (Pick 1) Josh Jacobs, Kareem Hunt, James White Help is greatly appreciated. Im leaning towards Tate and hunt. Jets RUN D has been phenomenal .
  5. QB-winston WR- Chark, juju, john brown, golden tate RB- Barkley, Chubb, MG, EKeler, hunt TE: waller
  6. Im sending: Melvin Gordon, Ekeler, juju, Waller, Chark FOR Godwin,Jacobs, Hunter, James White FULL PPR!!!
  7. I have Barkley and Chark I got offered Zeke and GOdwin for those 2 Full PPR. I am currently 5-4 after this week. RB: barkley, Chubb, MG, Ekeler, Hunt WR: Chark, John brown, Golden tate, JuJu
  8. So the consensus says CHUBB > ekeler FULL PPR
  9. meaning, more rushing less throws, so pick chubb?
  10. lol I have wentz(picked up Stafford cause of bad matchup), k.hunt, and Herndon (IR) >.< But you think the 3 WRs im starting is good? or maybe should I play chubb with ekeler in flex. I love chubb but that patriots D no joke
  11. I know this isn't a bad thing but its hard choosing starter.. Keep going back and forth As of now I have WR: Tate(revenge game), John brown(Eagles) and DJ Chark(FLEX) RB: Barkley and Ekeler My bench: Chubb(Patriots D ), JUJU , Melving Gordon(he sucking) Anything you guys would change? opponent has COOK so he is off to a good start FULL PPR
  12. Pickup Malc Brown or Edmonds?

    Damn I dropped Malcolm brown to last week for John Brown. Maybe I should drop Herndon. I do have chubb, barkley, and MG, eckler. hmmmmmm