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  1. What are we doing with Gurley?

    the upside is best rb in game u dont pass that up.. he makes it out of 2nd round thats crazy
  2. Leonard Fournette: thoughts?

    fournette should have a good year but i like cook alittle more
  3. What are we doing with Gurley?

    of course u take him in 2nd rd in 10 team league.. just pick up his backup for insurance
  4. thinking crazy for draft

    i pick players based on madden also lol.. be a fun year on madden always playing with kc and texans lol.. what players i pick.. is all i run madden with
  5. thinking crazy for draft

    he prob will i dont trust him tho..
  6. thinking crazy for draft

    i dont think anyone would take watson by my 2nd pick but dont know.. im either gonna do the mahomes and watson.. or fill skill players and grabs qbs toward end.. i just feel if i got those two my first pick then everyone else gonna start grabing qbs alittle early leaving decent skilled players because everyone else in league has to grab 2 qbs still.. i dont know bro maybe
  7. Leonard Fournette: thoughts?

    cook fournette freeman mack henry
  8. ok i play in a 12 team superflex league with only 5 bench spots.. most teams play a 2nd qb in flex spot so qbs go pretty fast in draft i won championship with foles and allen as my qbs so i understand the wait on qb thinking... but i am so thinking of taking mahomes and watson with my 1 and 2 picks.. i am pick 6.. i figure i would lock up 2 best qbs and send league into qb frenzy after thay while they leave me decent rb and wr cause they all still have to pick 2 qbs for there starting line up???????? or do i just stick to the gameplan and take hopkins and fill out roster and pick qbs later.. i like alot later qbs. darnold, cousins, jimmy g, allen