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  1. McCaffery for Julio

    If I accept the trade and Bell returns. WR: Theilen, Julio, Evans RB: Bell, Mixon Flex: Edelman/ Ingram/ Kerryon If I dont accept the trade and Bell returns... I will be forced to play Edelman every week and I would never get to play Kerryon or Ingram. In conclusion, I accepted the trade. Thanks anyway.
  2. McCaffery for Julio

    It comes down to if Lev Bell returns... If so I would have 3 RBs and Ingram/ Kerryon would be wasted on my bench.
  3. McCaffery for Julio

    Been offered Julio Jones for McCaffery. 10 Team 0.5PPR 3WR 2RB 1FLEX WRs: Theilen, Evans, Edelman, JBrown, JGordon RBs: Mixon, McCaffery, Ingram, Bell, Kerryon. ???
  4. Ingram for Johnson

    I have Mixon and Mccaffery. And still sitting on Lev Bell on my bench. I agree DJohnson has some more upside now. Also I cant see Ingram continue to take as many touches from Kamara as he did first week back.
  5. Ingram for Johnson

    Should I trade away Ingram for DJohnson?? Half PPR
  6. Marvin Jones just hit my waiver. Who do I drop off my bench (if anyone) to fit him in? Kerryon JGordon Enunwa Hines
  7. Conner for Kerryon

    Should I trade away Kerryon Johnson for James Conner this week? I have Leveon Bell in the waiting. Other running backs are McCaffery and Mixon.