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  1. Starting Fournette ???

    Fournette if I want a safe floor of 8-12 points and Foster if I'm an underdog and need a potential 20+ points to have a chance on winning. PPR
  2. WDIS Defense

  3. Fournette or Lindsay?

    I'm starting Lindsay
  4. Defense WDIS

    Bears @ 49ers Titans vs Redskins Jaguars @ Dolphins
  5. Mayfield or Allen?

    Mayfield cause I feel like Belichick is gonna neutralize Allen's scrambles. Expect like 250 yards passing and 2-3 TDs for Mayfield and 225 yards, 1 TD, 1 int, and 20-30 yards rushing for Allen.
  6. I would just sit Luck and start no one. Your team is stacked! Jk forreal though, still Luck.
  7. Keen Allen is hurt need one WR

    If Baldwin is there, definitely him. Gonna be a lot of throwing happening. Robby 2nd for me.
  8. Derrick henry

    Henry in cold weather is a beast. No one wants to tackle a 6'3" 240 running back 20-30 times a game. Too bad he may cost you a playoff seed in the beginning though cause he looked straight up pedestrian until December.
  9. Keenan Allen

    Ended up with a tie score before Mondays game. It was his Lutz vs my Michael Thomas. Almost had a heart attack Hope Keenan can go this upcoming week. Gonna need him because the other guy is 100% picking up Mike Williams before me.
  10. Brees or Dak?

    Brees at home in a potential shoot out with Big Ben
  11. WR Pick Up off WW

    Robert Foster or else Mike Williams if Keenan doesn't play
  12. Which DEF?

    Titans but I wouldn't mind the Browns either
  13. Which D/ST?

    Seahawks. They're hungrier at this point in time.
  14. Joe Mixon or Alvin Kamara?

    Mixon but like Judge said, go Kamara if you're desperate and need like a potential 30-40 multi touchdown game.
  15. WR help

    Potential ankle hobbling TY Hilton or DJ Moore vs Saints Tate vs Rams Stills vs Vikings