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  1. Hi, I wanted to thank everybody who offered advice on my team this season. Ended up winning the title 206-187(after being down 88-79 after week 1) to go back to back in my league. Ended up with QB-Mayfield, RB-CMC, Fournette, WR-Adams, Hilton, Flex-Samuels, TE-Ertz, Def-Rams, K-Fairbairn, Bench-Goff, Thielen, J. Williams, Juju, Njoku, J. Jackson and Texans. Thanks again to everyone who offered any advice! Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year to everyone! JT
  2. Finals roster advice-week 2

    Thanks Montana, went with Samuels over Juju. Overcame the 9 point deficit and won the week 127-99 to win the title 206-187.
  3. TY Hilton or Robert Woods?

    Hilton if he's good to go. Goff and the Rams pass attack is in a slump. Hilton has been top 5 in fantasy points the past month among WR's.
  4. Hi, I'm debating on 3 spots, pretty confident in: RB1-CMC WR1-Adams Need a RB, WR and a flex among the following: Hilton, Thielen, Juju, Samuels, Fournette and J. Williams. Any ideas are welcome! Non ppr, standard scoring. Thanks!
  5. Hi Irish, I'm in week 2 of my finals and down 9, standard scoring, non ppr. Any advice on my lineup would be great. Thank you and have a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! QB-Mayfield RB-McCaffrey, Fournette WR- Adams, Hilton Flex-Juju TE-Ertz Def-Rams K-Fairbairn Bench-Goff, Thielen, J. Samuels, J. Williams, Njoku, Texans, J. Jackson.
  6. Somehow made it to the ship/QB help

    Baker for more stability, Dak higher risk/reward option, both facing weaker defenses that have improved a little lately vs the pass.
  7. Finals roster advice-week 2

    Thanks, yeah Fournette hasn't been great. Only reason I have him over Samuels or Conner is the soft run def of Miami. I have Dak in another league, I'd prolly go with him if you think you need the higher ceiling guy, while Baker seems more stable. Both have great matchups though and are at home.
  8. Hi, So my team decided week 1 of the ship would be it's worst of the year but I'm only down 88-79 since my opp also had a rough week. Standard scoring/non ppr. Thanks for any advice in hopefully helping me take it down. QB-Mayfield RB-CMC, Fournette WR-Adams, Hilton TE-Ertz Flex-Juju Def-Rams K-Fairbairn Bench-Goff(don't trust him), Conner, Samuels, J. Jackson, Thielen, Njoku, Texans. Conner/Samuels have a bad matchup, Thielen has gone ice cold and Goff.... Anyway, lmk what you guys would change, thanks again!
  9. Hi, So I made it to the finals, it's week 1 of 2 and have a couple tough lineup calls. Thanks in advance for any advice. Whir. 10 teams, non ppr. QB-Goff RB-CMC, Fournette WR-Thielen, Adams Flex-Juju TE-Ertz Def-Texans K-Fairbairn Bench-Mayfield, Justin Jackson, Hilton, Conner, J. Samuels, Njoku, Rams. My opp is pretty stacked with Mahomes, Barkley, Mixon, Hill, Moore, Ebron, Cook, Ravens D and Butker I believe, so I need to set a good one this week! Thanks again!
  10. Hi Irish, Standard scoring, non ppr, in week 2 of playoffs and had a couple questions. QB-Mayfield or Goff, flex between Ware, Samuels or Juju and Def-Denver or Houston? Thanks for any help!
  11. Pick a flex, Ingram, Woods, Sutton

    I think Ingram is the safest choice when talking matchups, although lately the Saints have been hard to figure re: who will be the big fantasy producers. Woods may have a higher ceiling if the Rams have to air it out due to the Bears focusing on Gurley. I'd probably go Ingram, but it's close. I agree about the others.
  12. Lineup Questions

    Standard, non ppr scoring, at QB I'm torn between Goff or Mayfield, at flex I need 1 between Ware, Samuels, Juju or Hilton and at defense, Houston vs Indy or Denver @ SF. Thanks for any help! I'll respond as well.
  13. Hi, So I've lost Conner now like many others and have some tough decisions for week 2 of my semifinal. Currently I have the following lineup: QB-Goff RB-CMC, Fournette WR-Thielen, Adams TE-Ertz Flex-Juju Def-Houston K-Fairbairn Bench-Mayfield, Ware, Conner, Breida, Hilton, Njoku, Chiefs I have a claim in for Samuels, if I get him should he be flexed? Goff vs Mayfield any thoughts? I can try for the Rams/Broncos def and drop Chiefs, is trying for one of them better than just rolling with Houston? Thanks for any advice!
  14. WR Help

    Reynolds, Godwin and Lockett. Reynolds should continue to see more looks with Kupp out, Lockett has a good matchup and Godwin seems a little more consistent than the others, but it's close.
  15. RB help

    Chubb and Cook seem fine, Hyde will split time with Yeldon quite a bit imo.