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  1. Trade advice?

    Guess I should have said he wants depth more than help
  2. Trade advice?

    Got offered Trey Burton for Adrian Peterson today, but I think it's a low-ball offer plus I don't need a TE. He's 1-5 and needs some RB help. What do you think I would need to include in a counter offer (AP+?) to see if he'd give up Keenan Allen, or a good straight up counter offer for a different player? My roster: QB: Watson, Rivers RB: Peterson, Breida, Cohen, J. Howard, Mack WR: AB, Boyd, Goodwin TE: OJ Howard DEF: Cardinals, Bears K: Vinatieri His roster: QB: Winston, Wilson RB: Barkley, Lindsay, Barber WR: K. Allen, Marvin Jones, TY Hilton, Shepard, Fuller TE: Burton, Njoku DEF: Broncos, Ravens K: Butker Thanks guys.
  3. Hyde worth picking up? And start Ingram?

    I would stash Hyde, especially if you're thin at RB. I started Cook a few weeks ago against the Rams and it cost me. I have zero faith in them playing him at useful capacity until I've seen it for a week. Ingram all the way.
  4. Jordan Howard worth a pick up for me?

    Doubtful. Maybe Breida if he actually stays down from an injury and your other guys are out/on bye. You could always throw him into a trade offer if someone thinks he's a buy-low candidate.
  5. Mack or Peterson?

    Really thin at position players with the bye weeks, and need the lesser of two evils: Marlon Mack (vs. Bills) or AP (vs. Cowboys)? Thanks.
  6. trade advise for OBJ

    I would take that deal for sure
  7. Jordan Howard worth a pick up for me?

    They must be desperate. I think Howard would be worth a stash to see if he turns it around, and I don't trust Adam Gace to ever use Drake properly.
  8. QB Advice

    My QB's are Watson, Rivers. I don't want to play Watson against Jax, and Rivers against Tennessee in London seems risky. Mayfield and Trubisky are both available in my league, but I don't have any position players I'm comfortable dropping for a streaming QB. Do I ride it out with Rivers or drop him to stream Mayfield/Trubisky? Main reservation with dropping Rivers is he's playing lights out this season, and I'm not comfortable with Watson staying healthy long-term... Thanks for the help
  9. McCoy Value?

    That's exactly what I was thinking. Hope I haven't missed the sell-high window
  10. McCoy Value?

    If McCoy were to be traded to the Eagles, his value goes WAY up IMO. His current owner in my league is doing fine, but he's the weak link in her lineup so far this season. I'm 4-1 so I kind of want to take a flyer with a trade for him and see what happens. The issue is I just have no idea where his value lies. He had a solid performance last week, and 3 meh weeks prior. I just don't know who off my lineup is a good trade candidate: QB: Watson, River RB: Howard, Morris (streaming), Breida, Peterson, Ekeler, Cohen WR: AB, Boyd, Landry TE: Hooper (streaming), Engram K: Vinatieri DEF: Bears Thoughts?
  11. Reasonable low offer for Barkley

    I see your point, I'm just wondering if looking at things from1-4 might make him more trigger happy to get some producing players at more positions, granted he'd be giving up his stud. Wilson has been struggling and has a bye coming up, so I almost want to bundle Watson + Howard/Landry just to see if he bites. I think Rivers is a more than serviceable QB for the rest of season.
  12. Ten team, standard scoring league. The Barkley owner is 1-4 and is suffering in production at some other spots, so I'm thinking I might be able to swing a reasonable low pitch to upgrade my RB position. I'm 4-1, but I've gotten lucky with my RB position so far and I don't think my current lineup is sustainable without a solid RB1. If I had a solid RB1, I could offload 1-2 for some WR depth off the waiver wire. My lineup: QB: Watson, River RB: Howard, Morris (streaming), Breida, Peterson, Ekeler, Cohen WR: AB, Boyd, Landry TE: Hooper (streaming), Engram K: Vinatieri DEF: Bears Barkley owner: QB: Wilson RB: Barkley, D. Freeman, Lindsay, Henry, R. Jones WR: K. Allen, Fuller, Hilton, Cooper TE: Burton, Njoku K: Butker DEF: Jets, Broncos I was wondering how low I could go with my offer and not be immediately rejected. I was thinking he might bite on Howard + Boyd/Landry or maybe Howard + another RB? I was originally thinking Howard + Landry would be the most fair in the long run, but Landry's upcoming schedule is SO favorable and I'd be riding the waiver wire for a replacement. The wire on WR is fairly deep in our league, so I can drop Morris and Hooper once Breida and Engram are healthy to get some WR2 options. Any thoughts or suggestions? All this being said he probably won't be willing to give up his only reliable scoring option lol.