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  1. Trade for Bell

    Thoughts on offering Golladay+McCoy for Bell as a buy low? Bell owner is 2-5, and I'm thinking she may sell him low for the right price. Her current WRs are Adams, Thielen, and Lockett. My team: QB: Allen, Darnold RB: Fournette, Conner, R. Freeman, McCoy, Singletary WR: Thomas, Cooper, Golladay, Sanders, Anderson TE: Engram K: Lambo D/ST: Patriots
  2. Trade for Bell

    That's true. I guess maybe I'm in an either/or situation. Either go after Bell or go after Hopkins. Yeah I think that might be a better option now that I think about it. I'm a buyer on Bell based on volume plus i think their offense improves once Darnold comes back. The back half of the schedule looks really promising for Bell, and I think he would be more consistent than Conner.
  3. Trade for Bell

    Thoughts on Michael Thomas + 1 (Singletary/McCoy/Emmanuel Sanders/Marquise Brown) for Bell? I currently have Fournette and Conner as my top RBs. Would like to move Conner in a separate deal for Hopkins, but I don't want to spread myself too thin at RB. The Bell owner in my league is 1-3 and lacking at WR. I'm wondering if I can get them to make a panic move. My team: QB: Goff, J. Allen RB: Fournette, Conner, Singletary, McCoy, R. Freeman WR: Thomas, Cooper, Golladay, E. Sanders, Marquise Brown TE: Engram K: Slye D/ST: Patriots
  4. Trade Potential for J. Conner

    I have him in my main league and I'm wondering the same thing. I'm going to try and package him with an RB/WR for either Hopkins or OBJ. Both are buy low candidates to me and both owners in my league are 1-3, so I'm hoping to get a panic move.
  5. RB trade involving D. Johnson

    I think Ekeler will continue to have value after Gordon is back, but he won't be as good as Johnson ROS
  6. DST stream

    LAC defense has underperformed. I like BAL out of those three.
  7. Who to pickup and drop?

    Seems like you have decent depth at WR. I would drop Cohen for Lindsay, maybe consider Jones for Coleman if you can afford to stash him. I wouldn't waste my time on Graham unless you're desperate at TE.
  8. Lost Brees. Who do I pick up ROS?

    Josh Stallion all the way
  9. Waller + Coleman for Mayfield + Howard

    Yeah I would hold with what you have. Waller is way safer than Howard right now.
  10. Michael Thomas

    1/2 PPR league. Current WR: Thomas, Cooper, Golladay, Sanders, Hollywood Brown. Cooper and Golladay are locks given their matchups (Dolphins and Eagles, respectively). Do I seriously consider benching Thomas for Hollywood Brown this week given the Saints QB situation? I know he will get volume but my concern is the upside. The Ravens have a favorable matchup against the Chiefs where they will be airing it out.
  11. Who should I slot into my flex spot of the above three? Currently have Golladay but nervous about his corner matchup with Casey Heyward. Equally nervous about volume for the other two.
  12. Starting Bernard?

    If Mixon is out this week and Gio starts, would you slot him into your flex over players like Golladay and Singletary? He historically is a top 10 RB when starting in place of Mixon, but I don't know if I'm confident he gets that same volume in the Bengals new offense.
  13. Bid for Evans?

    Agreed, but I also bought Fournette off of him last year to boost my playoff run for the price of Jordan Howard and Marquise Goodwin, so anything is possible lol
  14. Bid for Evans?

    If Evans busts again this week, I'm considering trying to trade for him. The other guy also has Godwin, and I know he isn't happy starting 2 WR from the same team. He has AB, who might not see the field at all this year given his new legal issues, and Watkins who has a history of injury even if he's in a spot to produce for the next month. I'm not even going to consider offering if Winston inhales vigorously again but...if Winston looks better and Evans still busts, would it be worth testing the waters with Golladay + Hyde to see if he bites? Based on who's available, I would probably grab Chris Thompson or stash Mattison off waivers to fill in RB depth if he were to accept. My lineup: RB: Fournette, Conner, Singletary, McCoy, Hyde WR: Cooper, Thomas, Golladay, Marquise Brown, Sanders Other guy: RB: Barkley, Jacobs, R. Jones, Drake WR: Evans, Watkins, Godwin, AB, Sanu, Ross
  15. Melvin and Duke

    I would hold Gordon for now if I invested a draft pick in him. The risk in drafting him was being willing to let him ride your bench until he signs. If anything, I would try and trade him for a WR. I'm not convinced Duke is going to be the starting RB in Houston this season no matter what O'Brien says. I think they're waiting for roster cuts to see who's available to bring in for the lead back role.