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  1. Gus Edwards?

    Yeah I was thinking I would bite the bullet and drop my backup DEF. I stashed them a few weeks ago b/c Chicago draws LA in the first round of the playoffs, but I think its worth the stash
  2. Roster eval?

    Yeah, OJ Howard going on IR hurt, and there's no one on waivers in my league. I'll probably stream each week going forward. I picked up Lamar Jackson to slot in this week if Trubisky can't go b/c I'm chasing the points with him playing Oakland. If Trubisky gets the start, I'm dropping him and probably dropping him after this week anyway
  3. Gus Edwards?

    I also have Peterson and Breida at RB, but they are definitely lead backs in their offenses. I'll wait and see how Alex Smith being out affects Peterson. I have DJ Moore as the only other possible drop candidate. Everyone else I have is well above Edwards
  4. Roster eval?

    10 team standard league. Currently in 4th and should stay there. Top six teams make the playoffs.
  5. Gus Edwards?

    I checked this morning and he's still available, but I agree. I don't want to drop Cohen, but everyone else I have is a much more consistent play with touches and production. If no one grabbed him this week, maybe I'll wait and see his usage again before making a move.
  6. Roster eval?

    7-4 and projecting to finish 8-5. Based on the roster, what do you think of my chances of making a playoff run? QB - Trubisky, Watson, L. Jackson RB - Fournette, Breida, Chubb, Cohen, Peterson WR - AB, Boyd, DJ Moore TE - Jonnu Smith (lost OJ Howard this week) DEF - Chicago, Denver K - Crosby
  7. Gus Edwards?

    Do we think Baltimore will actually stick with Gus Edwards as the lead back? I'm thinking of dropping Cohen for him. The schedule he would have coming up is AMAZING, but not useful if he's in a committee
  8. Pickup Smith?

    I would rather have Smith than Kirk. He's on a much better offense that will score points
  9. Drop Allison for Fuller?

    Never mind. I just checked, and he's on waivers until next week. I can drop my streaming QB to try and grab him so I can roster both.
  10. If Breidas Out, Morris or Mostert

    If he's out, Mostert. If he plays, I would play Allison for security because I think he'll just leave the game with injury again. Unless you need to play for points, in which I would gamble on him against Arizona's run defense.
  11. Drop Allison for Fuller?

    I've had Allison stashed on my bench as a consistent play in case of byes/injury, but someone just dropped Fuller. With Coutee injured, is Fuller a better option to p/u for depth? Currently have AB, Boyd, Landry, and Allison at WR. Thanks.
  12. Start Cohen or Chubb?

    Set at my other positions but can't decide who to fill in at RB2. I lost last week because I didn't slot Chubb in, so I need an outside opinion here... Thanks guys.
  13. Trade Help!

    Yes, take that offer
  14. RBs to target for week 8 (and 9)

    I would go for Carson, Richard, Lewis in that order. I think Doug Martin will be a bust, and Murray/Ivory are dependent on the health of Cook/McCoy, which I hate gambling on.
  15. Drop Watson for Trubisky?

    I've been playing Rivers the last few weeks, but with his bye coming and Watson's struggles/injuries, should I buy in on Trubisky?