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  1. Consildating My Roster

    I considered something like that. Feel like I’d be selling low on TY because he’s hurt.
  2. Flex PPR..... pick 1..

    Coutee and Hines were both combine crushes of mine. I gotta go with Hines in this spot.
  3. Looking for some consolidation advise for my roster. Last week I had 135 pts on my bench. Would be nice to make some 2 for 1 trades to improve the top end of my roster. Any suggestions? PPR League - 10 teams QBs - D Brees, A Luck RBs - T Gurley, J Mixon, A Ekeler, A Collins, L Miller WRs - M Thomas, A Thielen, C Kupp, TY Hilton, Q Enunwa TEs - J Cook, T Burton D - Ravens K - A Vinatieri