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  1. Gordon tonight or Chubb

    Really? Couldn't tell... Gordon but I'm hoping ekeler gets in on the fun too
  2. Pick my wr2

    Ok fine... Williams
  3. Pick my wr2

    Kirk Williams
  4. Hey Irish... Need a wr2 and flex out of ARob v Det Kirk @ TB Crowder v NYG Pascal v Mia is also available to pick up for this week
  5. Any weaknesses on my team??

    I would drop Ballage before Mattison. He’s only the starter for 4 games and he hasn’t been good anyway. There’s a lot of football to be played and you may end up regretting dropping Mattison.
  6. Which QB

    If Cle wins it won’t be for Allen’s lack of trying. Goff seems untrustworthy to me and Pits d has been pretty good and it’s a road game
  7. Any weaknesses on my team??

    If this is 14 teams you must have done a good bit of trading. If you’re adding Kirk who will you drop for Guice?
  8. Someone proposed a K trade

    Do you have someone to drop to make room for Sanu.
  9. Hollywood Brown or Zach Pascal this week????

    Either team could end up running the ball a ton but I think pascal over brown has the better upside.
  10. I need WR help

    I think I would play Kirk over Williams. Possibly Crowder and Parker also.
  11. Brees and Thomas when did goodwin go to tb?😝