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  1. Wdis @ rb

  2. Who to flex

    Campbell and probably Carson. DK gets Gilmore to deal with
  3. Campbell or Gallup?

    I'd go Gallup.
  4. Pick 1 wr

  5. trade mahomes?

    I would do that.
  6. WR / FLEX Help

    Based on opportunity, I would go with Williams and Rojo
  7. Tre'quan Smith, scotty Miller, Amendola

    I believe he did last week when Godwin didn't.
  8. WR roster help

    Smart but just realize that you will have to drop someone eventually to get him off ir, but at least you can kick the can down the street for a week.
  9. Kelce for Brees?

    You already took the trade and you're just gloating right?
  10. Help pick my starters!

    Don't over think it
  11. Bengals vs Browns (TNF)

    Just think we get Jax and Mia next Thursday. The heavens have aligned
  12. Bengals vs Browns (TNF)

    Bless you