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  1. Mayfield or Rivers??

    Lots of Mayfield questions out there. I'd go Mayfield here
  2. Mayfield or Allen

    Mayfield again
  3. Goff or Mayfield?

    Mayfield also
  4. What to do with Fournette?

    Some reports I read said that since they have nothing to lose now, he was limited in the last one to get playing time for their rookie back. Don't know if they'll do that again but I'm glad I don't have to make that decision.
  5. QB for Championship

    Mayfield as well
  6. QB Help!!

    Cousins Allen
  7. Personally I wouldn't trust fournette from what I read that his low volume was Jax's game plan to play some rookies since season is done. Williams is probably a safe play with or wo Rodgers. Pay attention to Rodgers status but I'm using him if he goes. Mayfield otherwise. I think he's even a good play over Rodgers if you don't think gb will play him whole game. Coleman/Ingram is toss up to me. Cook if Conner plays. My two cents...
  8. Rogers And Cobb Done For The Yesr!!

    It may end up like you say as I they're out of play off race but Rodgers said he was going to finish out season.
  9. Cohen or Jones

    .5 ppr Is Cohen going to have better day in this game? Howard's been siphoning off a lot of carries lately.
  10. which wr

  11. Wilson or Jones

  12. RB2 nightmare

    Probably Ridley. Just wondering if someone like McGuire, Martin or Dixon is available. I would take someone like that over them.
  13. Just watch his status. Don't think you're getting much either way this week. I might even go Kessler any ways. He at least has someone to throw to when Fournette is catching a breather and against a worse D.