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  1. Do I have a chance

    Well not how I thought it would play out, Goff’s play the last few weeks is killing Cooks. Gurley missed a qtr but still game through. i’m up by 6 points, anything can happen but I’m asking for a miracle. 11-3 season with a 9-0 start down the drain.
  2. Do I have a chance

    I need Gurley and Cooks to out score McCaffery by 25 points! I feel I have a small shot! What do you say?
  3. Lineup help! What do I do?

    Anyone please?
  4. Lineup help! What do I do?

    Who should I sit/start?
  5. Would you believe me if...

    We are expanding next year. Most likely into a 12 man league
  6. Would you believe me if...

    I hadn’t the highest score of 147 for most of the season until someone broke it two weeks ago getting 157 and i’ve now taken back the crown! we are rewarding highest weekly score
  7. Would you believe me if...

    This is our first year doing fantasy, so was all pretty rushed in setting it up and finding people. I’m not really bragging, I’m just sort of like woah as if this is happening! This is a guy who started with Zeke, D.Cook at Rb
  8. Would you believe me if...

    This was my matchup this week. i’m in top spot, he was in second. One game ahead. The league is fully serious, 8 man league and this guy is genuine with his team going into the playoffs. Got so close to that 100 mark
  9. Predictions for SNF!

    I’m currently on 136 in a standard league. The highest weekly score of the year is currently 157. Whoever gets the highest weekly score of the year wins $100 i have Conner and JuJu, do you think i’ll get the required points?
  10. SOS Replacement for Diggs(PPR)

    Think Kirk might have a good game with Arizona upsetting the Packers. Bears receivers will have a tough day with the conditions at MetLife
  11. Spencer Ware

    Is no one cautions about Ware? I have him on my bench, considering starting. but the Hunt news happened just over 24 hours ago. This stuff does not stay quiet, it affects teams, whether they admit it or not. The team have barely had any time together since. i just think starting Ware for this week at least, deserves a bit more caution, that goes along with any other Kansas players. pretty good matchup though, will get good scores even if it is a bad game.
  12. Would you start Ware over Evans/Golladay/Green at flex. also, would you start him if you had Mahomes and Kelce on your team?
  13. Is anyone worried about KC?

    This Hunt stuff happened yesterday, Kansas play tomorrow. is anyone worried about the adversity? I get the hype about Ware, and probably couldn’t get a better matchup, but this is such a different type of adversity, this is all what the players will be asked about. has anyone taken this into account, will it be a problem for this week? Or is Mahomes really that good of a leader we just haven’t seen yet?
  14. Ware to go now?

    Keep holding Golladay out of these discussions i love cooks too!
  15. Ware to go now?

    Sorry forgot to mention, would you still play him even if I have Mahomes and Kelce?