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  1. Roster Improvements?

    So this is my team. 12 team half ppr. Who should I trade to make my team better? Or is this good enough?
  2. Commie is pissing me off...

    See also the problem is that I'm also contending and I'm 1st in the standings right now...
  3. Commie is pissing me off...

    Also the problem is that it's hard to change our commie, and that like everyone else thinks we're colluding when it's not.
  4. I'm so (the really bad word)ing pissed rn because I get a trade that gets accepted because I like it and it gets vetoed by the commie because like a month ago me and the guy were pissed about a trade rape (that the commie DIDNT veto) and like we threatened to collude. That was like a MONTH ago and like the trade back then isnt even relevant anymore. I dont even know what the (the really bad word) to say anymore. What should I do? Should I leave or not?
  5. I have kelce and I'm a bit WR needy. (Julio and Thomas rn). A dude offered me Olsen, Landry, and Amendola for Kelce? Accept or nah?
  6. So some guy in my league traded Kamara for Jeffery and Chubb. Now normally, I would be ok with this (Kamara wins I think) but the guy trading away Kamara already has Sanders and Green. He doesnt need Jeffery at all in my opinion. Some of us are pretty pissed and wants a veto because the guy who's getting Kamara has been trade raping another person earlier in the year when he got Landry for Ekeler. Problem is that one of the guys in the trade is the commissioner, and he seems reluctant. And it's very split between the league. Your thoughts?
  7. Trade Advice ASAP

    I drafted Saquon in round 1 and I don't regret it. He's been putting up monster numbers and I'm so happy with him. However, recently, I got an offer. Antonio Brown and James White for Saquon. Both sides seem pretty good. What should I do?
  8. Do I win tonight?

    I'm pretty sure the Rodgers guy wins. Cause no way Kittle and Jones are gonna put up 20 more points than Rodgers, just honestly speaking.