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  1. 2009 NFL Sunday Ticket

    Just called today and instead of BS'ing the customer service lady, I just very politely told her about the offer that my "friends" got ($20 off for 6 months and the Sunday Ticket To go ($50 value)) for free. She said that she was authorized to give me the same deal, and made it happen. It honestly took 3 minutes on the phone, and there was no haggling.
  2. Trade up for it worth it?

    That's what I'm trying to Peterson really going to be "that" much better than MJD or Turner that it would be worth it to lose out om my 3rd round pick (maybe a guy like Colston,. Roddy White, etc.)
  3. I am in a 12 team standard league (non-PPR) and currently have the #2 overall pick. I had inquired about moving up from 2 to 1 to grab Peterson. The guy at #1 made me this offer: -swap our 1st and 2nd round picks -he gets my 3rd round pick -I get his 4th. Basically, I'd be losing my 3rd round pick (#26 overall) and repolacing it with #48 overall. Do you think it's worth it for Peterson??? Thanks!
  4. 2009 NFL Sunday Ticket

    I just called and got the same exact deal of $20 off for 6 months and the Superfan for free. My Sunday ticket will now be 6 payments of $24.99 ($149.94 total) with the Superfan for free. I just explained the I have been a loyal customer for years and that I couldn't afford to spend almost $400 on the Ticket + Superfan. I made sure to be very polite and kiss the lady's ass, and she gave me the discount with no hesitation. It definitely works.
  5. Sunday ticket

    For the 2nd year in a row I just called and asked for Customer Retention and they gave me the Super Fan for free. I explained that I have had Directv for 10 plus years now and I can't justify spending $260 for the package and another $99 for the Superfan. They said I'd still pay the $260, but the SF was free.
  6. Ben Watson's stats

    Aaah.....I didn't see that. Thanks for the feedback.
  7. Ben Watson's stats

    I know this isn't a major topic, but does anyone know why Ben Watson was only credited with 1 catch for 28 yards? He had his 1st catch that was good for 28 yards down the middle of the field, but he also had a second ctach (I think it was around 6 yards) over near the sidelines in the 2nd quarter. This was actualy the play he was injured on. How did he not get credit for this catch? Any info would be appreciated.
  8. J. Jones named starter

    Rotoworld Reports: Cowboys coach Bill Parcells said Wednesday that Julius Jones will start against the Lions this weekend. His owners can breathe a sigh of relief - for now. Parcells said he wants to see how Jones looks in practice and keep Marion Barber involved in the game plan. But he expects Jones to be the starter moving forward. The Detroit defense is struggling, so Jones isn't a terrible play. Nov. 16 - 4:25 pm et
  9. Trade involving McGahee and K. Jones

    and I suppose I should avoid eating yellow snow too? Sweet.
  10. Trade involving McGahee and K. Jones

    I hadn't heard the term either, but I understood what he meant.
  11. Trade involving McGahee and K. Jones

    My bad......refresh.
  12. I currently have K. Jones and D. Driver and an owner wants to trade me McGahee and C. Benson (throw in). I like the upgrade of McGahee over Jones, but if I trade Driver I have to rely on Galloway for the rest of the year. Is this a good deal???
  13. Holt or Muhammad?

    I'm looking for some advice on who to start, Holt @ ARI or Muhammad @ ATL (already have Moss going vs Det) . 1 point for every 10 yards, and 6 points for a TD. Thanks guys!
  14. Should have benched Moss

    Didn't mean to get your panties in a bunch boys!
  15. For all of you who swore that "you can't bench Moss in favor of Holt and Muhammad....he's a stud!", great call. Muhammad and Holt: 23 and 22. Moss: 1