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  1. Injuries and Inquiries | PPR

    last year he helped with a few moves of mine, but this year has been very rough for him and Clay's predictions
  2. With Josh Jacobs seemingly more banged up than usual, even if he plays, would you start Miles Sanders over him? I'm in quite the RB conundrum, debating who to start between Barkley, Jacobs, Sanders, Penny, and Snell I'm also debating switching in Beasley or R Anderson in place on John Brown... Matthew Berry seems down on JB and up on Beasley (though Berry is wrong sometimes, as we all are) WDIS @ RB1, RB2, and WR3? PPR
  3. Week 14 D/ST

    Jets vs MIA Colts vs TB Packers vs WSH Panthers vs ATL
  4. Pickup Pascal? PPR

    and plug him into WR3?
  5. Pickup Pascal? PPR

    Gordon’s gone already, haven’t updated sig sorry
  6. Pickup Pascal? PPR

    Would you add (and start) Pascal this week? PPR would you drop any of these players for him: Mostert Beasley R Anderson Penny
  7. RB waiver priority - Guice/Penny/Mattison

    The order in your title
  8. WDIS PPR, Rd 1 Playoffs

    @Red9 thanks for the in depth analysis. Definitely some tough choices. Also, I start 3 WRs- which wr would you choose as the 3rd? im leaning Anderson