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  1. Week 3 WDIS, Final Check

    PPR RB 2: J Jacobs, M Sanders, C Thompson FLEX: D Robinson, ^one of these guys, Dorsett, D Samuel, Waller
  2. Damien Williams

  3. It's pouring in KC..

    In that case, should I keep Demarcus Robinson in at flex? Or start: C Thompson, D Samuel, Dorsett, Waller?
  4. @irish J Jacobs, M Sanders, or C Thompson? PPR
  5. Jacobs is playing, but...

    so would you start Sanders or C Thompson over Jacobs in my case? Rn im leaning Sanders
  6. Just saw the report that he'll be playing through his injury and illness. With that said, should I still start him? Team in sig
  7. Trade Question involving David Johnson

    This is what i told him, but since i have never played non-ppr nor 12-team so wanted more opinions
  8. my friend is in a 12-team, non-ppr league. His team is attached below. He said someone wants to trade DJ for John Ross. Thoughts?
  9. this is a tough one. Both Olsen (if healthy) and Cook have potential but obviously there's uncertainty for both. May not be a terrible move
  10. Is Corey Davis Droppable?

    im partial to Godwin since I have him, so Im not sure. PPR? Who is your current TE?
  11. as the title says.. is he? PPR, team in sig
  12. Trade for Hollywood Brown?

    very true, and he would be a great Kelce-bye week play should I not trade him
  13. Trade for Hollywood Brown?

    @Montana is da Man @purplemonster He’s a little hesitant on 1:1 Waller for Brown, either of these trades good? Waller + MVS for Brown and Hyde Waller for Woods
  14. PPR, team in sig. His team is one of the weaker ones in the league imo: QB: Rivers, Newton RB: Mixon, Fournette, Hyde WR: M Thomas, Woods, M Brown, Jeffery, Samuel, Sanu, Fuller, Tate TE: Dissly what’s a fair trade? Waller + someome?
  15. WDIS Week 3 (PPR)