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  1. Is Alshon droppable?

    Curious what people think. I’ve had a had time cutting him for some reason so he’s still on my team.
  2. DJ Moore?

    saw that👌🏻
  3. DJ Moore?

    i like the optimism. Have cam, cmc, and moore so I sure hope he does
  4. DJ Moore?

    If Cam doesn’t play, should I sit DJ Moore?
  5. roll a Blount?

    might as well just hold onto Edwards yeah?
  6. roll a Blount?

    ESPN changed K johnson’s proj scote to 0.. doesn’t look like he’ll play. Do I drop Mack, Edwards, or Pettis for him? And would you start him over J Jackson?
  7. Who should i start?

  8. Bench Fournette For....

    wouldnt be a terrible option
  9. Digging out of a hole

    yup, this
  10. Who Wins? Playoffs Rd1

    team one has great matchups this week which is what's worrying me
  11. WDIS for D/ST and FLEX??

    jackson over edwards?
  12. Trade Help! PPR

  13. Who Wins? Playoffs Rd1

    sure is 🙏🏻
  14. Who Wins? Playoffs Rd1

    PPR. First round of playoffs. Team 1: QB: Wilson RB: Lindsay, Ingram WR: Jones, M Thomas, Hilton TE: Rudolph FLEX: Michel D/ST: Rams K: Badgley Team 2: QB: Newton RB: McCaffrey, White WR: Thielen, AB, DJ Moore TE: Ertz FLEX: J Jackson D/ST: Bills K: Tucker