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  1. Pick my wr2

    kirk and williams
  2. Which QB this week?

    Jones goff
  3. Lineup Check before TNF

    3 WR league, starting Godwin and J Brown and those are my remaining options, in addition to Stills who is on bye
  4. Lineup Check before TNF

    PPR Currently starting Mike Williams tonight over Robby Anderson, Diontae Johnson, and Josh Gordon Keep as is?
  5. TE for WR Trade (PPR)

    I have both Kelce and Waller in a PPR league. Team in sig the owner of both Cooper and Golladay is in desperate need of a TE. 1. which TE would you rather trade, and which would you keep? 2. would you trade that player for either of those WRs? If so, which one? And would I have to add anyone else onto the trade?
  6. What ticks you off the most from draft day?

    Kamara went first and I picked Barkley over CMC. it obviously was not the wrong decision at the time but man oh man do I wish I picked CMC
  7. Waiver Wire Add/Drop At Midnight, Need Advice!

    Jones got taken. Would you drop Diontae Johnson so I could move J Gordon from my IR? Or drop for Renfrow or AJ Brown?
  8. Waiver Wire Add/Drop At Midnight, Need Advice!

    tannehill vs. KC jones vs. NYJ Any opinion on the skill player pickup(s)?
  9. so Deshaun is on his bye and I will need a replacement (I'm thinking Tannehill, maybe Danny Dimes depending on tonight). would you pick up any of these players-- and if so, who would I drop? PPR WRs: Pascal Renfrow AJ Brown RBs: Damien Williams Ronald Jones AP QBs: Tannehill Jones Rivers my bench: Dorsett, Stills, Diontae Johnson, Anderson, M Williams, both Eagles RBs
  10. Steelers or Jets??

  11. WDIS @ FLEX? PPR

    and keep Anderson at wr3?
  12. WDIS @ FLEX? PPR

    @Montana is da Man @League_Champion
  13. Pick one to Flex

  14. WDIS @ FLEX? PPR

    So once again I am debating sitting Kelce. Have him starting right now but unsure with Moore vs. MIN PPR Choose 1 to FLEX: Kelce Stills Dorsett M Williams Diontae Johnson either Eagles RB also, I have Anderson (vs. MIA, without X Howard) at WR3 right now but unsure if that’s a good decision

    DK Kirk Gallup Jackson not knowledgable on faab stuff so can’t address that part