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  1. Is Alshon droppable?

    Curious what people think. I’ve had a had time cutting him for some reason so he’s still on my team.
  2. DJ Moore?

    If Cam doesn’t play, should I sit DJ Moore?
  3. DJ Moore?

    saw that👌🏻
  4. DJ Moore?

    i like the optimism. Have cam, cmc, and moore so I sure hope he does
  5. roll a Blount?

    ESPN changed K johnson’s proj scote to 0.. doesn’t look like he’ll play. Do I drop Mack, Edwards, or Pettis for him? And would you start him over J Jackson?
  6. roll a Blount?

    might as well just hold onto Edwards yeah?
  7. WDIS for D/ST and FLEX??

    Currently starting: Bills @ NYJ Pettis Options: Giants, Saints Edwards, Jeffery, J Jackson, Mack changes?
  8. Who should i start?

  9. Bench Fournette For....

    wouldnt be a terrible option
  10. Digging out of a hole

    yup, this
  11. Who Wins? Playoffs Rd1

    team one has great matchups this week which is what's worrying me
  12. Who Wins? Playoffs Rd1

    PPR. First round of playoffs. Team 1: QB: Wilson RB: Lindsay, Ingram WR: Jones, M Thomas, Hilton TE: Rudolph FLEX: Michel D/ST: Rams K: Badgley Team 2: QB: Newton RB: McCaffrey, White WR: Thielen, AB, DJ Moore TE: Ertz FLEX: J Jackson D/ST: Bills K: Tucker
  13. Trade Help! PPR

    Give: DJ Moore Mack or Edwards Get: Godwin (possibly) Dion Lewis
  14. PPR, any changes? Fighting for bye, playoffs start next week:
  15. WDIS for D/ST and FLEX??

    jackson over edwards?
  16. Trade Help! PPR

  17. Add/Drop Question

    Looks like Newton is being treated day-to-day. Is it worth dropping Edwards for either Jameis, Mayfield, or Allen if his status worsens? We only have 4 bench spots, occupied by Jeffery, Mack, J Jackson, and Edwards
  18. Who Wins? Playoffs Rd1

    sure is 🙏🏻
  19. WDIS for D/ST and FLEX??

    good read. Very valid points. Thanks!
  20. Sutton?

    I think he’s definitely worth rostering with Sanders out
  21. Add/Drop Question

    definitely gonna wait it out— who would ou take of the three QBs?
  22. WDIS for D/ST and FLEX??

    What’s your reasoning for jackson > pettis? (Not saying I disagree but want to hear your thoughts)
  23. WDIS for D/ST and FLEX??

    @Matt07chs PPR
  24. Pick 1 QB, 1 WR, 1 RB, 1 Flex

    Jameis, Pettis, DJ, Drake