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  1. Trade Advice

    Imo would stay put. AP is too volatile and it’s a pretty horizontal trade WR-wise
  2. Trade Advice

    what other RBs do you have? I like the WRs you get but Conner for AP is tough
  3. Trade Theilen

    Hold onto Thielen
  4. Defense for this week

  5. someone dropped Snead. Would you drop Sutton or Malcom Brown for him? WRs: Thielen, AB, Jeffery, A Miller, Sutton
  6. Drop Someone for Snead? PPR

    fair. just saw he was dropped and knew he was a decent waiver pickup a few weeks back.
  7. Offered a trade - advice?

    sorry- tbh I'd stay put. see how Tate does this week. but to clarify, by throw in I meant replace the previously-mentioned RB and I meant Tate for Ingram in the first part.
  8. Offered a trade - advice?

    Start with tate FOR *ingram see if he bites, then throw in drake. If no, carson/breida. Wouldnt give anyone else + tate for ingram
  9. Offered a trade - advice?

    Stay put or ask for ingram
  10. Drop Someone for Snead? PPR

    awesome thanks.
  11. Sanders or Smith?

  12. ROS Rankings

    Drake over carson because of health, not talent. If Carson is healthy i’d take him ROS. right now: lockett, but i’d like to see Tate play this week
  13. Need help with depth

    Your team is stacked. You’re good
  14. TE - Howard or Doyle

  15. WDIS @ Flex

  16. WDIS @ Flex

    You have it in the order i’d go
  17. Sutton + Mack for..? PPR

    Got offered Dion Lewis for them thoughts? what is Mack's trade value? other ideas: Sutton + Mack for McCoy for Kerryon for Michel for A Jones
  18. Sutton + Mack for..? PPR

    for any of the others?
  19. agreed. I own Mack and just not confident in his ROS