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  1. Start D Williams or Carson at flex

    Its tough but I think Carson because he is proven and trusted main rb for seattle, even with lack of receiving. Williams has upside but a lot of risk. If this was a comparison to a weaker back it would be hard, but Carson has been solid.
  2. Sony/Williams/Ingram/Samuels

    Thank you! I tend to agree, that's my current line up. Not sure Ingram/Sony present enough of a difference/more upside over giving Williams a chance
  3. Sony/Williams/Ingram/Samuels

    Hey All, I have been rotating RB2s since Hunt was cut, and I am desperate for advice, because there is a lot of risk/reward this week. I am in first place, but need to fill 2 rb slots. I am thinking Samuels for sure, plus Williams, but I wonder in Sony or Ingram would make more sense for Williams. I have Kelce/Ertz in TE/Flex. (Also have Eagles RB Adams but he has been weaker lately.) Thank you for any and all advice
  4. Trade offer, unsure

    MT is the real deal. OBJ has to worry about Eli and weak Giants team. Can you target another TE in a trade? Like the guy who has OJ Howard or Doyle or Graham/Kittle/Olsen?
  5. Should I flex Jordan Reed or Allen Robinson?

    Not Reed for sure. Trash bag lol.
  6. Pick my FLEX

  7. Coleman for Sanders?

    1/2 PT PPR w/ WR/RB/TE Flex Spot- Need a WR but struggling to get anyone better. Coleman for Sanders? Mahomes Hunt, Coleman, Michel, Ingram Adams, Watkins, DJ Moore, Cobb Kelce, Ertz Other guy needs a RB bad- also somewhat a TE. He has Thielen, AB, Sanders, Edelman worth trading for. I tried Kelce for AB but no dice.
  8. Give Ingram, Alshon, OJ Howard TO Receive CMC

    I know it is a little risky. But this guy is in last. So that's good. Alshon can be inconsistent. And I don't need Howard with Kittle. Usually when I go for the better player it pays off but its hard to know. Ingram doesnt look like 2017 ingram at all.
  9. Give Ingram, Alshon, OJ Howard TO Receive CMC

    1/2 pt ppr
  10. Give Ingram, Alshon, OJ Howard TO Receive CMC

    I can probably also get Lockett, T. Williams, or DeSean Jackson.
  11. Hey all, I am in 1st in a league only opposite one other big threat. Have some talent I'd like to spend on the worst guy in the league to get a star. Before you evaluate, look at my team. Deal is Ingram+Jeffrey+Howard for CMC. (Leaves me a tad thin at WR but I don't need two TE's and Ingram is being pushed aside by Kamara). QB: Mahomes, Wilson RB: Gurley, Ingram, Lindsay, J. Richard WR: Adams, Cupp, Alshon, Sutton, DJ Moore TE: Kittle, Howard
  12. Loaded at RB and WR Trade ???

    I would do a trade like this. I just offloaded extra talent rotting on my bench for Kareem Hunt and it was totally worth it. I think any combo above would work (but I like Kupp a lot so maybe not him.) The most savvy owner may not bite but others would.
  13. Who should I target this week?

    I think Duke is the better player but I agree you need the WR. You'd have to make a gut check on whether you can spot a few other RB needy teams that you could make a deal with. If you have any doubt, go with MVS.
  14. Figured this could help everyone here with a shot at the playoffs--- who should we target now to stash for playoffs? I am thinking: Players: Malcolm (Rams, expecting Gurley to sit) Ware (Possibly same for KC, or just as handcuff insurance) Defenses: Broncos Redskins Others? Agree? Disagree?
  15. Yeah I can flex a TE. Sanders guy is getting cold feet but I am gonna see if I can sway him.