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  1. Trade offer, unsure

    MT is the real deal. OBJ has to worry about Eli and weak Giants team. Can you target another TE in a trade? Like the guy who has OJ Howard or Doyle or Graham/Kittle/Olsen?
  2. Should I flex Jordan Reed or Allen Robinson?

    Not Reed for sure. Trash bag lol.
  3. Pick my FLEX

  4. Coleman for Sanders?

    1/2 PT PPR w/ WR/RB/TE Flex Spot- Need a WR but struggling to get anyone better. Coleman for Sanders? Mahomes Hunt, Coleman, Michel, Ingram Adams, Watkins, DJ Moore, Cobb Kelce, Ertz Other guy needs a RB bad- also somewhat a TE. He has Thielen, AB, Sanders, Edelman worth trading for. I tried Kelce for AB but no dice.
  5. Give Ingram, Alshon, OJ Howard TO Receive CMC

    I know it is a little risky. But this guy is in last. So that's good. Alshon can be inconsistent. And I don't need Howard with Kittle. Usually when I go for the better player it pays off but its hard to know. Ingram doesnt look like 2017 ingram at all.
  6. Give Ingram, Alshon, OJ Howard TO Receive CMC

    1/2 pt ppr
  7. Give Ingram, Alshon, OJ Howard TO Receive CMC

    I can probably also get Lockett, T. Williams, or DeSean Jackson.
  8. Hey all, I am in 1st in a league only opposite one other big threat. Have some talent I'd like to spend on the worst guy in the league to get a star. Before you evaluate, look at my team. Deal is Ingram+Jeffrey+Howard for CMC. (Leaves me a tad thin at WR but I don't need two TE's and Ingram is being pushed aside by Kamara). QB: Mahomes, Wilson RB: Gurley, Ingram, Lindsay, J. Richard WR: Adams, Cupp, Alshon, Sutton, DJ Moore TE: Kittle, Howard
  9. Loaded at RB and WR Trade ???

    I would do a trade like this. I just offloaded extra talent rotting on my bench for Kareem Hunt and it was totally worth it. I think any combo above would work (but I like Kupp a lot so maybe not him.) The most savvy owner may not bite but others would.
  10. Who should I target this week?

    I think Duke is the better player but I agree you need the WR. You'd have to make a gut check on whether you can spot a few other RB needy teams that you could make a deal with. If you have any doubt, go with MVS.
  11. Figured this could help everyone here with a shot at the playoffs--- who should we target now to stash for playoffs? I am thinking: Players: Malcolm (Rams, expecting Gurley to sit) Ware (Possibly same for KC, or just as handcuff insurance) Defenses: Broncos Redskins Others? Agree? Disagree?
  12. Yeah I can flex a TE. Sanders guy is getting cold feet but I am gonna see if I can sway him.
  13. Trade for Michael Thomas??

    I think so. Alshon has more competition for targets now and is already inconsistent. Thomas is a bonafide top player even if he hasn't been explosive the last couple weeks. Sutton is rising but again I always err on the side of going for a top guy when he is available. One thing tho-- how is that shoulder injury I read about yesterday for Thomas? Came out of nowhere.
  14. Yeah I have been playing them both (te/flex) in .5 PPR. I thought the same about Ingram and saving a TE but I am interested to see what comes up.
  15. So here are my options for a WR: Ertz/Kelce for OBJ Ertz/Kelce for Sanders Mark Ingram for Sanders (and keep my TEs) Mark Ingram for Cupp Here is my team- I made a big deal for Hunt but it cost me my WR2 so I need a WR somehow. I could probably spare an RB and keep both TEs but that would leave me 3 (with sony injured) so 2. QB: Mahomes RB: Hunt, Sony, Ingram, Coleman WR: Adams, Watkins, D. Moore (carolina), Cobb, Parker TE: Ertz Kelce