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  1. Finished in tie in Yahoo - who wins?

    If I had either of those rules would have won! But it was regular season record vs opponent. Too bad we can't go into Week 17 for some OT.
  2. Somehow finished in a tie after behind all day. It's a Yahoo league - who wins? My phone says I did and the computer says my opponent?
  3. Aaron Rodgers or Philip Rivers?

    You're right and glad you played Rodgers. Ertz, Kamara and Brown have me up going into tonight. Predicted to win now but that can change on the first drive! Good luck!
  4. Mixon or Cook in .5 PPR?

    Have Zeke and Kamara in the RB1; RB2 spots. This would be at Flex!
  5. Only an hour to go and need to make a decision between Joe Mixon or Dalvin Cook in .5 PPR? Need points bad as I made bonehead decision and started Phillip Rivers. So Mixon or Cook?
  6. Aaron Rodgers or Philip Rivers?

    Oh I wish I did. At least I had Justin Tucker Bonehead move, hoping my opponents QB's Mahomes or Luck has a bad game and Brees does much better than predicted. Not out of it yet, but put myself in a tough situation.
  7. Aaron Rodgers or Philip Rivers?

    Interesting. Why do you think Rodgers over Rivers?
  8. Aaron Rodgers or Philip Rivers?

    Have Rivers in for tonight - crossing fingers!
  9. Who to start in .5PPR championship game? Have Zeke and Kamara and need to fill Flex Spot with either: Joe Mixon vs Browns Dalvin Cook vs Detroit Jamaal Williams vs Jets Who would you start out of these three?
  10. Championship week! 2 QB League and already have Drew Brees slotted. Need to decide between Philip Rivers vs Baltimore or Aaron Rodgers vs the Jets. Seems like Rodgers is healthy and ready to go, but Rivers will be at home with potential 1st place on the line. Who would you start?
  11. Joe Mixon or Alvin Kamara?

    Thanks. Currently favored (not that it matters) by 25 in semi-final with Kamara in; goes down to 21 with Mixon. Took a risk and put Justin Jackson in on Thursday and paid off as he scored 5 above the floor. Think I'm gonna do the same today with Mixon.
  12. .5 PPR and need advice for who to start. Joe Mixon vs Raiders or Alvin Kamara vs Panthers. Would have never even questioned this before, but Mixon is getting a boatload of touches and Kamara hasn't done as good last 4 weeks. Who would you start?
  13. Looking for advice on 2 things: 1) WR - Julio Jones or Adam Thielen in .5 PPR. Have Antonio Brown in other WR slot 2) Flex - Alvin Kamara or Joe Mixon? Know this should be a no-brainer, but Mixon has Raiders. Thanks
  14. Justin Jackson or Joe Mixon in PPR?

    I'm favored with or without Mixon. 23 without Mixon or 27 with Mixon, but that really doesn't matter. Last week, which I had a bye thankfully, I finished with 40+ points less than predicted.
  15. Justin Jackson or Joe Mixon in PPR?

    That's what i was thinking and there's something about not trusting any Bengals although Mixon has been killing it last few weeks. Still torn and only have 30 minutes!