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  1. Quick Replacement for Gurley?

    dang no Im in regular league I have Richard for now.. I could still get m. davis tho I cant see either of them having big games
  2. Quick Replacement for Gurley?

    what about carson? he wont take carries away from mike davis?
  3. Quick Replacement for Gurley?

    I cant someone in my league just picked both anderson and Kelly ? any ideas guys
  4. Ok so I need a rb to replace him last minute FA available Jalen Richard @ Denver j Wilson@ chi c Edmonds @ la m.davis@ kc r.freeman@oak Darrel Williams@sea
  5. Todd Gurley will He Start Week 16?

    he single handedly got me here I'm literally down to the last of my nails i cant even bite anymore off? I have Edwards and Hilton evans as back ups ur comment gives me hope..
  6. Todd Gurley will He Start Week 16?

    todd gurley's back up is available but not sure he'd be a practical choice...
  7. Ok guys so I'm in a bit of a pickle here I made the championship round but Todd Gurley Has knee inflammation? Will He be benched and saved for their playoff run? my opponent has a decent team and they won last year its a must win for me.... any and all advice appreciated
  8. Alright guys Yet Again I'm in a Defensive Conundrum. I've continuously squandered my Defense every week since the season started I always switch defense only to have the other do good... This week I have Jacksonville Jags Def vs Washington or Baltimore DEF Vs Tampa bay. Josh Johnson did alright for the reds last week wondering if hell do have another week like that if so should I take a chance on Baltimore D they're Playing a Boom or Bust Tampa?
  9. Defensive Conundrum!?

    even if Joe Mixon(My Flex) playing against my defense?
  10. Defensive Conundrum!?

    Just Noticed Joe Mixon would be playing my defense if I start Baltimore? any feedback on that? is that a bad thing is there anyway both could do good? As of now I got Jags Vs Pitt which I don't like considering how mediocre they've been.
  11. Defensive Conundrum!?

    You're right tho BALT week 11/12 jags week 13/14 NVM Thank you for that now I can stop obsessing lol
  12. Defensive Conundrum!?

    I was thinking tbe same thing good playoff matches for both... Mayb there someone on my bench worth dropping for a week?
  13. Defensive Conundrum!?

    Ok So im in a bit of a fuzz I have the Baltimore Defense aswell as the jags having both on my team this year has been a nightmare I choose one defense based on matchup only to have the other defense perform better sad face... so now I see that the Arizona Cardinals Play Oak Their D is Available in the waiver what Defense To drop this week for ARZ or Should I Start JAGS OR BALT its only for this week But one other league member stalks my adds and drops religiously dude picks up just about everyone I drop so im curious who the better sacrifice is. (thinking Playoff Picture) (I picked up chiefs last week and they did great now I dropped them Because They Play LA.) Remaining Games For Baltimore -week 11 CIN -week 12 OAK Week 13 ATL week 14 KC week 15 TB week 16 LAC Remaining Games For JAGs week 11 PIT week 12 BUF week 13 IND week 14 TEN week 15 WAS week 16 MiA THANKS EVERYONE!
  14. Ok So Gronk is ruled out per ian rapaport… I picked Up Jack Doyle.. But Trey Burton Is Also Available who to start? I got a lot riding in this match any help is welcome Thanks.
  15. Russell Wilson vs LAC or Deshaun Watson @ DEN ?