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  1. Cook and Jacobs gone. PPR league. I'm starting Bell. I need two of Boone, Drake, and White.
  2. Gordon or Jacobs

    Jacobs if he plays period because of the matchup or Gordon because of limitation fear?
  3. Hot Garbage at RB with injuries

    That's the way I have it set up. Luckily Gordon plays at 4. I'm afraid he might be on a pitch count.
  4. Hot Garbage at RB with injuries

    Perfect world everyone healthy today Jacobs vs Ten or Gordon vs Jax
  5. PPR Drake Hunt White Mattison Laird Montgomery Samuel at WR on the bench. Need two RBs and a Flex
  6. Weirdest team I've ever managed

    What shaft said.
  7. Choose one WR

  8. Mattison. Even if cook plays I imagine he has a big role vs the lions
  9. PPR RB Who to start??

    Jones and Freeman.
  10. Pick 2 RBS

  11. Another playoff thread

    You think that's a pretty accurate lineup? Only real concern is my WR2 AND maybe Ertz or Waller. If I lost with Henry, Zeke, and Jacobs I wouldn't be too sad
  12. Another playoff thread

    Trades! Didn't draft many of these guys.
  13. 2QB standard scoring Dak, Tannehill Zeke, Henry, Jacobs, Gordon, Bell Thomas, Kupp, Allen, Beckham Ertz, Waller 2RB, 2WR, 1 Flex I can't bring myself to start Bell even against Miami and Jacobs is running. Currently thinking Zeke, Henry, Jacobs, Thomas, and Kupp. What say you?
  14. Pick 3 for playoff matchup

    You're on the right track. I wouldn't decide until Wednesday.
  15. Playoff roster

    Just going into playoffs I'm fighting for the 1 seed in a standard scoring league. The bottom of my roster I currently have Miles Sanders, JuJu, Mattison, and Minshew. I haven't dropped Minshew because it's a 2QB league and don't have another backup, but Devlin Hodges and Hollywood Brown were just recently dropped. I have kept Mattison because the current #1 has Dal Cook and pretty much no one else at RB. Who would you all go into the playoffs with?