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  1. Ty Johnson + Kelce Trade Advice

    What's the rest of your roster look like
  2. What are the rosters? Edelman and Ekeler don't do much for me honestly especially giving up Henry too unless you're just real light at both positions.
  3. RB depth/trade

  4. Ty Johnson + Kelce Trade Advice

    I wouldn't do it for anyone other than Amari.
  5. Big Trade Advice

    Thielen is hurt as well.
  6. Good trade. I'm all in on Kirkey!
  7. RB Depth

    Both. Hyde has the better floor. Edmonds the higher ceiling. Imo. Edmonds kind of depends on DJ.
  8. Mike Evans for Keenan Allen

    I would go for it. Then again, you have no back up RB.
  9. Mike Evans for Keenan Allen

    I absolutely hate trading straight-up position for position. With that said I hate even more having two feature players on the same team in the same lineup
  10. RB depth/trade

    Trade proposal in 2QB standard scoring league I give: Rivers, Breida, and Woods or JuJu I get: Minshew and Aaron Jones Kerryon was one of my RBs now on IR leaving me with Zeke (on bye), Breida, Mack, Gordon, miles Sanders. And I put in a claim on Ty Johnson.
  11. Big Trade Advice

    That seems like a lot to give up
  12. I wouldn't trade them unless you are really hurting at a particular position. The guys on fantasy sports radio literally just talked about this earlier today. Tyler Lockett sounded about on par with what they said. But unless you're hurting I think they will keep up the scoring
  13. So 2 QB league where I have solid depth. Guy offered me Watson and Mike Evans for Keenan Allen, Marlon Mack and Phil Rivers. QB: Dak, Baker, Rivers RB: Zeke, Gordon, Mack, Kerryon, Breida, AP WR: Allen, Kupp, JuJu, Bob Woods,Tyrell Williams
  14. Sell high on Godwin? Half PPR

    Stay put. Don't trade just to trade. There's absolutely no WR in the league I would trade him for straight up for.
  15. Trade offer

    Trade doesn't really help you much. Don't trade just to trade. If it's not a dynasty it's not helping. You're probably not gonna start JuJu over Allen or TY are You? He's down to the third string QB and we don't know how that will work out