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  1. After watching ebron today and he drop alot of balls. Who u would take ebron or doyle since luck loves his te.
  2. Rb help please

    Deep dynasty league. Darrel williams— no one behind damein williams.. ware and west are free agent next year. or dwayn washington - ingram might be gone and he kamara backup. He shown he can play.. which rb should i take a risk on.
  3. We are in our 20 rounds. just going take a risk my next pick. Who would u take?? dwayne washington- if ingram dont come back and kamara gets hurt, proven he can play. chase edmonds- if david goes down jalen richards- martin and beast mode free agents who would u take??
  4. Raven backfield

    Gus dixon collins i read they will still keep the heavy run game. Who is the guy will get the most carries.
  5. Melvin gordon ppr league

    I getting lindsay fournette. it a start up league. so far i have. gordon. juju corey davis chris godwin baker
  6. Would u all do a gordon for lindsay and devonte adams
  7. Durrius guice

    Does anyone think he play next season?? I currently doing an online start up dynasty at this moment and planning to take him at 5.3.
  8. 1.06 in a 12 team dynasty start up

    I pick gordon but now just worry about his knees.
  9. 1.06 in a 12 team dynasty start up

    Ok thanks man.
  10. Ppr, dynasty league. Who do u all would take james connor or dalvin cook tha ks
  11. 1.06 in a 12 team dynasty start up

    Gordon over kamara?? Why?? i be so glad to get kamara at 1.06
  12. Ppr all td 6 points.. i figure barkely, kamara, mccaffery gurley will taken.. which one one the 3 would u take at 1.6 please rank them ezekiel hopkins melvin gordon thanks
  13. I play dynasty and i keeping darrel williams. I feel he is high risk high rewards.
  14. Josh rosen

    2qb passing td is 6 points.. rosen for 1.04 which one u rathwr take