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  1. Start 1QB, 2RB, 2WR, 1TE, 1K, 1 DEF 6pt all TD's, 1 pt per 10yrds rush/rec, 1 pt per 25yrds pass My roster QB - Vick, Dilfer, Brooks RB - LT, McCallister, Davis, K. Jones, Parker WR - Coles, Burleson TE - Clark, Heiden K - Wilkins D - Panthers His Roster QB - Green, Carson RB - Jordn, McGhae, Foster WR - Bennett, Bryant, A. Johnson, Stallworth TE - Gates, K - Tynes D- Cowboys, Ravens I get: Carson, Jordan, McGhae, Gates He gets: Brooks, McCallister, Parker, Clark Do you do this deal? I would like to keep McCallister but I need a QB upgrade. I would have as my RB's LT, Jordan, McGahee, S. Davis and K. Jones I can then drop Vick or Dilfter to pick up a WR off waivers? Thanks
  2. 1 pt per 10yrds rec/rush, 6pt TDS Start 1QB, 2RB, 2WR, 1TE, 1K, 1DEF My Roster QB - Vick, Brooks, Dilfer RB - LT, D. McCallister, W. Parker, S. Davis, K. Jones, WR - Burleson, Coles TE - Heiden, Clark P - Wilkins Def Panthers I picked up RB's early this year because of all the injuries last year. Im waiting for other league members to come to me for backs. SOmeone wants LT and will give me Palmer and Gates for him. I plan on holding LT. C. Pep seems to suck so far, Should I keep Burleson? or drop him? The waiver wire has Engram, T. Brown, T. Taylor I was thinking of picking up Engram because he seems to be getting alot of looks. As for my TE, Heiden is getting alot of looks and CLark did nothing last week? What do you think? Drop Burleson, or drop a TE to get another WR? Thanks
  3. Ricky Williams

    I think Brown is a Failure to this point. Ricky is making too much money to sit on the bench. I say Ricky will play and Brown will relieve him for breathers and when Miami has a lead. Miami has actually looked decent this year, their defense has been pretty good and the have good receivers. If they could ever land a decent QB they would be in the running.
  4. Bench Donald Driver?

    Until Javon got hurt Driver was a low 2nd tier/high 3rd receiver. That hasn't changed. He is not as good as the other three you have. But if you feel uneasy about it, then perhaps you should play with your gut instead of having everyone else tell you what to do. It's your team and its just Fantasy Football. I would sit Rod Smith if you don't want to sit Driver, Plummer has shown nothing yet this year.
  5. Which TE - Wiggins or Witten?

    Witten is a better TE than Wiggens, we saw C. pep last weekend. He did not convince me to start his receivers. Bengals have a decent defense.
  6. S. Alexander or Rudi

    You have Alexander, Preist and Rudi. You must be in a league by yourself. I would go Priest and Alexander
  7. Pick 1 Rb

    I would not expect weekly performance out of Johnson, he was lucky with the right circumstances last week. I would always take Edge over any of those other two, any day of the week. I would think you would want to play someone who gets to touch the ball more than 10 times.
  8. Alexander gets shut down by ATL

    Amazing Alexander should be an every week starter Secondly, the Seahawks are not over rated.
  9. Marshall Faulk

    It seems as if Faulk is primarily Bench Warmer. If the head office gets smart they'll play him alot more. Faulk still has alot of talent.
  10. What about the injury to the Carolina D. They are no longer that solid with their recent loss.
  11. 1 pt 10yrds rec/rush 6 pt TD's start 1 QB, 2 RB, 2 WR, 1TE, 1K, 1DEF My Roster QB - Brees, Delhomme RB - Holmes, J. Lewis, T. Barber, W. Parker, S. Davis, D. Foster WR - J. Smith, M. Clayton, K. McCardell TE - C. Baker K - Edinger D - Colts His Roster QB - Brady, Losman RB - R. Brown, T.J. Duckett, C. Benson WR - A. El, H. Ward, M. Jones TE - McMichael, A. Smith K - Wilkins, Feely D - Patriots, Seahawks He first offered me Antwaan El for Michael Clayton, I said no. I then told him I was only interested in Brady, McMichael, Wilkins and Patriots D He came back with McMichael for Clayton, 2 questions 1. This will upgrade me at TE, but will it be enough to matter? 2. Is Clayton going to produce, would this be a fair trade? I thought about going McMichael/Wilkins for Clayton/Edinger This does not hurt the other team as he has two TE's. He doesn't seem to be interested in my RB's which seems kind of strange. I would like to get Brady but I don't think he is interested. Is the McMichael deal solid? and would it help me? How would you package a deal to get Brady? Thanks
  12. Trade S.Smith for Parker

    I don't think you're as set at WR as you think you are. I would keep smith. You have a Parker owner who is reading and hearing all the hype and because of one good game this person thinks parker is worth a top receiver or RB. If Parker starts all year long its worth it. If Duce doesnt play its worth its worth it If Bettis doesn't steal goal lines its worth it. If Roth isnt injured most of the year its worth it If Roth can pass its worth it. All I see are a bunch of If's at this point. I would hold off on trading tier 1 players for Parker until he proves something after a couple of weeks. He is again running against a poor defense this weekend. Not a true test again. If this person so desperatly wants to off load Parker then offer him K. Johnson, you would be fine with Horn and Smith.
  13. Trade Parker?

    If I own Moss you're giving me either Parker and J. Smith or DD and Davis I would never accept a rookie RB, with one good game for a #1 receiver. Even DD a 2nd tier back would have to be matched by a minimum of a 2nd tier receiver. I don't know If I would release moss if I were him. Maybe you could get Clayton and Witten or Shockey for Parker? Good Luck