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  1. In a .5 PPR Guillotine League with FAAB for dropped players. Currently at 7 teams left. I had a strong week and will survive this week. I have Amari Cooper on my team and I am probab;ly going to drop him, since I don't need the points and I could pick up either Darren Waller or Chris Carson for free. Whos should I pick up? I know that RBs are usually more valuable, but with such a limited talent pool for TEs, it may do me better to pick up a top option at TE as opposed to another RB. Here's my team. QB- Watson RB- Conner RB- James Robinson WR- A. Cooper WR- Tyreek Hill TE- Hockenson Flex- Mostert Bench- Michael Thomas Defense- Baltimore
  2. Godwin or Cooper?

    Start Amari Cooper or Chris Godwin? .5 PPR.
  3. Higbee or Hurst

    .5 PPR. Who should I go with?
  4. .5 PPR. Should I drop Higbee and Pick up Jonnu Smith?
  5. I'm in a .5 PPR Guillotine (9 teams left). The roster only has 1 bench spot, and I am currently playing Michael Thomas in my Flex. Dues to the Postponement of the Steelers-Titans game, I had to put James Conner on my bench. Chris Carson is available on the waiver wire and would be a good insurance policy if Thomas sits and he plays. Do you think its prudent to make that move, since Conner will have had his bye and I can use him for the ROS? Or should I wait it out and see what the news in on Thomas? If Thomas doesn't play, I will be dropping Conner either way to pick up my flex play. Here's my team: QB- Watson RB- Gordon RB- David Johnson WR- T. Hill WR- K. Allen TE- Higbee Flex- Michael Thomas Defense- Baltimore Bench- Conner
  6. Chris Carson

    Do you think he plays this week? If so, should I drop James Conner in my Guillotine League to pick him up?
  7. Which QB to pick up?

  8. Michael Thomas

    .5 PPR Guillotine League 10 teams left. Michael Thomas was just dropped. I have one bench spot only and current have Baltimore on my bench (KC matchup this week, but nice matchups after) and starting the Billls Defense. Should I drop Baltimore and pick up Thomas? Just don’t see myself starting them after Devante Parker gave me a so so game on Thursday.
  9. Chark or Parker

    Well, looks like the Jags made the decision for me.
  10. Chark or Parker

    0.5 PPR, Start DJ Chark (Questionable) or DeVante Parker tonight?
  11. Who to drop?

    12 Team Super Flex, 6pt passing TD, PPR, I'm trying to execute a trade, but if I fail, who should I drop to pick up a kicker? QB- Brees RB- Cook RB- Carson WR- T. Hill WR- DJ Chark TE- Higbee Flex- Wentz K- Def- Chargers Bench- Diontae Johnson, Jeudy, Dobbins, Zack Moss, D. Freeman, J. Herbert, and N. Foles I've been hanging on to Foles to see if the Bears eventually bench Trubisky
  12. 10 Team PPR. Here's my team: QB- Murray RB- Carson RB- David Johnson WR- T. Hill WR- OBJ TE- Jonnu Smith Flex- D. Montgomery K- Gould D/ST- Saints Bench- Hilton, McKinnon, Devante Parker, Dobbins IR- Kittle When Kittle comes back I would be dropping Jonnu. My reasoning for Jeudy is that with Sutton out for the season, he will become the #1 WR in Denver and the #2 receiving option behind Fant for the rest of the season. While McKinnon will get some good opportunities for the next couple of weeks, he will be back in a timeshare when Mostert and Coleman get back.
  13. How many leagues?

    7. Maybe I should scale it back a bit next year, or just learn to say no from time to time.
  14. Should I drop Higbee for Fant in a 0.5 PPR guillotine league?
  15. 12 team PPR, 6 point Passing TD, Super-flex (Can play QB). I’m thinking of upgrading my QB and offering up Baker Mayfield and Hollywood Brown for Carson Wentz and Diontae Johnson. The other owner is pretty high on Baker despite his poor week. Does it seem fair on paper? Also, should I maybe hold on to Brown and Baker in hopes that Baker has a better week 2 and sell a little higher on him. Here’s my team: QB- Brees RB- Cook RB- Carson WR- Hill WR-Chark TE- Higbee Flex- Baker Mayfield D- Baltimore K- Bailey Bench- Marquise Brown, Dobbins, Zack Moss, Anthony Miller, Jeudy, and Foles