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  1. Who to drop?

    12 Team Super Flex, 6pt passing TD, PPR, I'm trying to execute a trade, but if I fail, who should I drop to pick up a kicker? QB- Brees RB- Cook RB- Carson WR- T. Hill WR- DJ Chark TE- Higbee Flex- Wentz K- Def- Chargers Bench- Diontae Johnson, Jeudy, Dobbins, Zack Moss, D. Freeman, J. Herbert, and N. Foles I've been hanging on to Foles to see if the Bears eventually bench Trubisky
  2. 10 Team PPR. Here's my team: QB- Murray RB- Carson RB- David Johnson WR- T. Hill WR- OBJ TE- Jonnu Smith Flex- D. Montgomery K- Gould D/ST- Saints Bench- Hilton, McKinnon, Devante Parker, Dobbins IR- Kittle When Kittle comes back I would be dropping Jonnu. My reasoning for Jeudy is that with Sutton out for the season, he will become the #1 WR in Denver and the #2 receiving option behind Fant for the rest of the season. While McKinnon will get some good opportunities for the next couple of weeks, he will be back in a timeshare when Mostert and Coleman get back.
  3. Should I drop Higbee for Fant in a 0.5 PPR guillotine league?
  4. How many leagues?

    7. Maybe I should scale it back a bit next year, or just learn to say no from time to time.
  5. 12 team PPR, 6 point Passing TD, Super-flex (Can play QB). I’m thinking of upgrading my QB and offering up Baker Mayfield and Hollywood Brown for Carson Wentz and Diontae Johnson. The other owner is pretty high on Baker despite his poor week. Does it seem fair on paper? Also, should I maybe hold on to Brown and Baker in hopes that Baker has a better week 2 and sell a little higher on him. Here’s my team: QB- Brees RB- Cook RB- Carson WR- Hill WR-Chark TE- Higbee Flex- Baker Mayfield D- Baltimore K- Bailey Bench- Marquise Brown, Dobbins, Zack Moss, Anthony Miller, Jeudy, and Foles
  6. I'm in a .5 PPR, 9 roster spot (only 1 Bench spot), Guillotine league (lowest scoring team each week eliminated). After surviving week 1, I'm wondering what I should do for my WR2 and flex spots next week. I'm caught between Chark, Keenan Allen, and Ronald Jones. Jones looked good and gets a bad Carolina defense, Keenan Allen gets KC, but I'm not sure if Tyrod can get him the ball, and Chark going up against Tennessee worries me a bit. Any and all advice is greatly appreciated. Here's my team: QB- Watson RB- Carson RB- Mostert WR- Tyreek Hill WR- Chark TE- Higbee D- Baltimore Flex- K. Allen Bench- Ronald Jones
  7. How did I do?

    12 team, 6pt Passing TD, PPR, and Superflex league (Can Start a QB in the flex spot) QB- Drew Brees RB- Dalvin Cook RB- Chris Carson WR- Tyreek Hill WR- DJ Chark TE- Tyler Higbee Flex- Baker Mayfield D- Chicago K- Bailey Bench- Dobbins, Zach Moss, Marquise Brown, Anthony Miller, Jerry Jeudy, and Nick Foles
  8. Just heard the news that Courtland Sutton went down in practice today. Still no word on how serious it is. That being said, should I pick up Jerry Jeudy? I'm in a .5 PPR 12 team Guillotine league, which means the lowest scorer each week gets dropped my roster is as follows: QB- Watson RB- Carson RB- Mostert WR- Tyreek Hill WR- DJ Chark TE- Higbee Flex- Keenan Allen Bench- Ronald Jones I only have one bench spot, so I would be dropping Ronald Jones to pick up Jeudy. I just don't know if Jones is worth holding on to, since his role in Tampa is not secure.
  9. Pick up Jerry Jeudy

    Only one Bench spot, so it's either Jones or one of the other guys in my lineup, but I don't think I'd want to drop one of them.
  10. Playoff League.

    I'm in a playoff league. 10 teams PPR, 6 point passing TDs. The setup is as follows: Top 4 scoring teams after the 1st two weeks (Divisional and Wildcard rounds) advance to the second round. In the second round the scores reset to zero and the top 2 scoring teams in the third week (Conference Championship) move on to the final round. Week 1 and 2 scores do not carry over In the final round whoever scores more points in the Superbowl wins. Scores from week 3 do not carry over they reset. The Roster allows for 1 QB 1 RB 2 WR 2 Flex (W/R/T) 1 TE 1 K 4 Bench spots I'm picking fourth and my options are either Michael Thomas (who will play 1 more game in the 1st round) or Patrick Mahomes (has the bye so will only play 1 game in the opening round). FYI Lamar Jackson, Drew Brees, and Alvin Kamara were the first 3 picks. Go with Thomas or Mahomes?
  11. John Brown

  12. John Brown

    I'm getting pre-game jitters and I'm thinking of plugging John Brown in my flex (0.5 PPR). I know he has the most difficult match-up this week and he will be seeing a lot of Gilmore, but something tells me he might do pretty well today. He had 5 (on 11 targets) for 69 the last time they met and may see a lot of targets this week too. I know he also has the potential to be completely shut down, since Belichick may focus his game plan on locking up Brown. My other options are Crowder against Pittsburgh (which is not very a ver friendly match-up either) or Greg Ward (who is a complete wildcard) against Dallas. Am I being too cute, and should I just stick with Crowder? Thanks for your responses in advance.
  13. Greg Ward

    I'm really considering starting Greg Ward at my flex. With Agholor likely being out and given Arcega inability to impress I think Ward can have a solid game. He has 9 targets in each of his last 2 games and was good last week, albeit it was against the Redskins. My other two options are John Brown and Crowder. I don't trust Crowder (I get the feeling he may lay another 3 for 30 type dude) and Brown has a terrible match-up even though he may see his fair share of targets. Am I crazy or is Ward a decent start given my options?
  14. Who should I start in my flex? J. Brown, OJ Howard, or Crowder? 0.5 PPR
  15. So I advanced to the championship game in a league that has been operating for 10 years. This is my first Championship appearance after so many close calls and much heartbreak. Everyone has been mentioning that to me and are aware that this is my first legitimate shot at a title. I put in a waiver claim for Perriman. I figured I would get him, since the guy I’m playing in the championship game doesn’t have any FAAB left and I still had $1 left. To my surprise, the guy I beat in the semi-final (most successful manager in the history of our league and #1 overall seed this year by a country mile, whereas I have never had much success in this league and I had a rollercoaster of a season that had me stumbling in at the 6th seed with a 5-8 record, and just getting hot in the last two weeks to make the championship game) put in a claim, and he got Perriman since he had more FAAB (his $5 to my $1) left than me. Our league is low stakes ($30 fee per team) and it’s always been more about the honor that comes with winning it than the prize money. 3rd place gets $36, so he is playing for something, but I’m not sure if that really justifies the move. I know I should have saved more FAAB to avoid this situation, but it still doesn’t sit right. Not sure he needed to make the move since his WRs are Edelman and Thomas, and he usually plays Metcalf at the flex. The move could have potentially helped put me over the top since my options at flex are Crowder and J. Brown. Am I blowing this out of proportion, since he is still playing for something even if it is basically his entry fee, or is this a situation where he should have at least waited for the teams in contention for the championship to make their moves first?
  16. 2 teams: 12 Team .5 PPR (Won 1 week Matchup by 25.8) QB-Ryan RB- Kamara RB- A. Jones WR- A. Cooper WR- J. Brown TE- Kittle FLEX- A. Miller K- Gould DEF- New Orleans Bench: J. Crowder, Conley, L. Murray, G. Ward, G. Tate, J. Crowder 8 Team PPR (Won 2 week Matchup by 0.5 pts) QB- Brees RB- Chubb RB- Ingram WR- Godwin WR- D. Adams TE- Hooper FLEX- M. Gordon K- Butker DEF- Baltimore Bench: R. Wilson, K. Allen, D. Freeman, H. Hunter, Lockett Also made the final in my PPR Guillotine league, but since that line-up changes so much week to week, I'll leave that out.
  17. Which two give me the best chance to win it all? Miller, J. Brown, Crowder, Tate, Conley, Or Greg Ward?
  18. Dick move or am I overreacting?

    Thanks for all the input guys. At this point I'm over it. I'll roll with the guys that got me here. Feel he was totally within his right to put the claim in, just feel it's a little dickish is all.
  19. Pick 2 to start

    John Brown, Anthony Miller, J. Crowder, C. Conley, or B. Perriman (Pending waiver claim on Perriman. I still have FAAB and my opponent does not. As long as one of the other teams in the consolation games, no reward for 3rd or punishment for last, does not pull a dick move he'll be on my team)? .5 PPR
  20. Start Conley or A. Miller in my flex? .5 PPR.
  21. Who do I flex?

    A. Miller, G. Tate, Perriman, Crowder, or Breida? .5 PPR.
  22. I'm in a PPR guillotine league (lowest scoring team of the week is eliminated and their entire team is put on waivers). There are only 3 teams left and waivers are done via FAAB. Fortunately, I am the only team with FAAB dollars left, so I am guaranteed to get whichever free agent I put a bid in for. Here is my team: QB- Mahomes RB- Kamara RB- Henry WR- J. Jones WR- Edelman TE- Kelce DEF- Pats Bench- Steelers As it stands, I'm going to drop the Steelers for Michael Thomas, Julio Jones for Chris Godwin, and Kamara for Chris Carson (Taking the gamble, because if I survive this week then I will be guaranteed to get either D. Cook or McCaffrey from waivers; depending on which team gets bounced). Now in addition to my mentioned moves, I was thinking of dropping Mahomes and picking up Watson. I could also drop Edelman and pick-up Watson, but I'm a little hesitant to do so, since the other guys need some help at WR and Edelman may help them more than Julio. What should I do?
  23. Gurley or Kamara

    PPR Guillotine league. Roll with Gurley or Kamara?