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  1. Need Wr help

    With Golladay being ruled out, I need help. What 3 should I start out of: Edelman, Daeshaun Hamilton, Zay Jones, Michael Thomas, Valdez-Scantling, and Crowder. It's a ppr league.
  2. Who should I start?

    Golladay or Tyler Boyd as my 3rd wr? It's a ppr league.
  3. Impossible to choose!! Help!!

    Its definitely a tough choice, but I'm leaning toward Amari.
  4. Golladay or Boyd?

    Anyone else?
  5. Golladay or Boyd?

    Which one should I start? It's a ppr league?
  6. Who to start in flex?

    Who should I start in my flex spot out of Tyler Boyd, Spencer Ware, or Sony Michelle? Ppr league.
  7. Flex help?

    Also have Sony Michel
  8. Flex help?

    Should I start fournette or Boyd in my flex today? It's a ppr league. All ready have Chubb and Mixon in my RB spots. Had Michael Thomas and Golladay play Thursday, and Edelman in my 3rd WR spot.
  9. Who should I start?

    What 3 WR should I start out of: Golladay, Mike Thomas, Boyd, Edelman, and MSV? What 2 RB should I start out of: fournette, mixon, Chubb, Ingram, and Sony? Then out of players not chosen above who should I flex? PPR league. Need win to keep playoff hopes alive. Thanks.
  10. Is Drake droppable?

    Looking ahead to next week, Kittle is on a bye week. Need to stream a tight end. Looking to pick up Heurman from Broncos. Would you guys consider Kenyan Drake droppable at this point? My other rbs are Mixon, Fournette, Chubb, Ingram, and Sony. Ppr league. Or should I drop Sutton?
  11. What 3 to start?

    What 2 RB should I start out of Mixon, Sony, fournette, Chubb, Ingram, and Drake? Also, do I flex Marquez Scantling or one of the other RB from above? Ppr league. Thanks.
  12. Do I drop either Sutton, Njoku, Drake, or Ingram to pick up either Scantling from GB or Kirk from Arizona? My other wr are Mike Thomas, Boyd, Edelman, and Golladay. RB are mixon, Sony, Chubb, and fournette and kittle is my other tight end. Ppr league.
  13. Who to start?

    Which 2 RB should I start out of:. Chubb, Ingram, Drake or Sony? Who should I flex:. Sutton, Njoku, or 1 of the rbs above? Ppr league.