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  1. Trade decision

    He offered it to me and I was kind of thrown off that's why Im seeing what everyone else thinks. Prolly gonna take it
  2. Trade decision

    Half PPR
  3. Trade decision

    My current starters: Wentz, Kamara, Bell, Golladay, Jeffery, Ingram, Sutton, Greg the Leg, 9ers D Bench: Murry, Singletary, Diggs, Anderson, and Brees on IR. Its a no TE league. With Ingrams bye coming next week should I trade Jeffery and Brees for Coleman and Ridley? I feel like it leaves me without a dependable WR2 but Andersons schedule does look really good after this week and Singletary should start winning the Bills Backfield back a little by then
  4. Where to go from here?

    Currently 1-4 with Wentz, Kamara, Bell, Golliday, Jeffery, Sutton, Ingram, Greg the Leg, and 9ers D in a no TE league. I also have Singletary and Diggs that I have been alternating in and out. Currently losing today 117-118 and I have Golliday left but he has Kerryon against GB so count that for a loss as well.
  5. Gurley

    Any News on if Gurley is going to play this week?
  6. Trying to find my WR set up this week

    Thanks that's what I was leaning towards.
  7. Week 6 WR?

    Diggs has a good match up but scary terry should be good. Dallas probably wont have to pass much to beat the jets.
  8. My current WRs are Golliday, Diggs, Jeffery, and Sutton. Outside of Golliday pick 2.